10 reasons why you should be learning at least 5 new skills a year

10. It makes you more interesting.

Learning new skills make life more fun. A gift is realizing that what your life looks like today doesn’t need to define what it could look like tomorrow.

Instead of doing and repeating the same cycle over and over, you can meet new people and try new things together. You can find like-minded people to spend your time with your new interests.

9. Reinventing yourself puts you at an advantage.

Learning new skills keeps life exciting, but in order to be a leader also, reinventing yourself is a must.

According to Joe Polish, the power to reinvent yourself and achieve visions that appear unattainable is the ability to first acknowledge these huge dreams that appear completely “unrealistic,” declare them doable in real life and then create the circumstances in your life that move those dreams from unreality to reality.

In other words, act as if it’s happening before it’s happening (visualization).

It’s about changing who you are being in the current moment and becoming the person you want to be. People must undergo a period of complete reinvention in work, life and self — counterintuitively shedding themselves of old beliefs and habits in order to make room for the ideas that will actually help them succeed. It’s about changing your relationship to the past, present and future so that you become capable of accomplishing anything you declare possible, regardless of your past or current experiences.

Leaders must be able to create the impossible in order to realize their highest self.

Getting too comfortable or relaxed can slow down or stagnate your growth (evolution). No entrepreneur, leader or creator is happy with maintaining the status quo, even if they’ve achieved success, accolades and comfort from their accomplishments. Successful people know that the “zone of genius” can become a golden anchor that impedes your evolution.

Most people have a huge vision for themselves that they’ve abandoned and watered down because they are scared of the scope of their dreams. As a result, they are settling for the smaller incentives that are within reach, rather than striving for the bigger prizes on the highest shelves. They stop stretching.

Many people have a huge goals for themselves that they’ve broken apart and watered down because they are scared of the scope of their dreams. Sometimes you let your friends and family talk you out of it because it’s easier to go along to get along.

In doing so, you are settling for less. You go for the smaller rewards that are within reach and comfortable, rather than striving for the bigger prizes on the highest mountains. They stop stretching.

People say one thing but do another. Will you beable to reinvent yourself?

After a series of transformations that fundamentally change your understanding of who you are and what you’re capable of, you don’t think about limitations, or things you can’t do. You become a different person internally and externally that creates anything you set your mind to. At this point you visualize it. Then you do it. Then it becomes reality.

8. Learning New Skills Keeps Your Brain In Tip Top Shape.

If you learn a new skill, it will keep your brain challenged, and when your brain is challenged it keeps you going!

7. The more you learn, the more you earn.

6. Learning how to learn is a superpower that accelerates everything you do

Have you noticed some people have done more in 12 months than others have done in the past 12 years?

Once you master the game of learning new skills, you’ll discover you can add new skills and talents to your life faster than you thought possible.

Which one do you resonate with?

A. Learning a lot in school and then never learning anything else.

B. Learn one new skill every couple of years.

C. Learning new skills and try new things every month, even every week.

Every accomplishment in our lives is built on the skills we develop. The faster you can add new skills, the more you can accomplish.

5. Your “How’s Your Week” “Or How’s Your Weekend” answers are more thrilling.

While many will go with the usual: “Slept In.” “Watched TV.”

You: Instead of the usual normal response of nothing or hung out, you’ll always have something awesome to discuss.

· “I learned how to play racquetball .”

· “I learned how to code an app.”

· “I hiked Mount Kilimanjaro.”

This guy is breaking a record with a 40,000 piece puzzle. She’s 102 and is the oldest skydiver.

After reading this, how can you spice up your life?

4. Learning is not limited to the classroom.

You don’t have to settle and just learn from a classroom setting that will make you doze off and count sleep.

You can attend Adult Day Camps where you can learn all kinds of skills.

After all, you can learn about how to survive zombies or learn how to cook.

You can learn from Khan Academy, Udemy or Teachable.

3. For 99% of skills, you don’t have to be a master

I play guitar. But to the non-guitar players, you are doing soo well.

You don’t have to be Jimi Hendrix. Yes, it takes along time to be a considered a master of your craft. It’s takes a couple chords and practice to start uploading your videos to Youtube.

You don’t have to be great to start, but you do have to start to be great!

It’s easy to get “good enough.” “Good enough” will change your life

You can get started right now!

2. Fast-track your career

It’s shocking how closely people’s career paths follow their learning or things that they are already interested in.

The people who advance the fastest in their careers are the ones who can quickly and easily add new skills that complement the talents they already have. -Ramit Sethi

Sethi’s examples.

· The copywriter who improves her public speaking and marketing analytics know-how… so people start to pay more attention to her recommendations

· The engineer who learns how to communicate better with non-engineers… and helps cut scope creep in half

· The CEO who adds accounting chops as the complexity of the business grows… and can invest more profit into continued growth

1. It shows that you are a learner.

When you learn how to learn and not closed minded to new experiences, it shows that you are coachable.

That freedom and flexibility can get you a lot of life experiences and help you form a lot of bonds.

After all, would you rather be around someone who is a know it all or someone who shows humility?

If you are apart of a team, (co-founder, employee, sports, etc) you can talk about the different skill sets you’ve been learning. It can show how open minded you are and it inspire others around you to start learning.

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