3 New Discoveries From This Weekend

Due to the pandemic, I’ve avoided traveling (for the most part). This weekend (2.21.2021) I took a slight leap of faith. I put on two masks-a surgery mask and a cloth mask. And a face shield. I’ll feel better about these adventures when I get a vaccine.

I celebrated three, technically 5 things:

My period’s bday. (February 19th, 2004. I was altar serving at my not so nice grade school at the time and I’ll never forget that faithful day.)

My heavenly granny’s bday. (February 20th)

My gray hair. (I love my gray hair, I thought about getting highlights, but it’s happening on it’s own, so I’m gonna let nature take it’s course).

One of my bffs is having a baby. So I’m doing the drinking for her.

This carmel valentine apple. Wooo. I literally opened it up today and I’m so in my feelings over it.

National Margarita Day Is February 22nd. I got my margs ready.

This article is not on schedule. I usually post my articles on Sundays around noon. But due to my adventures, I got behind a bit this weekend.

Don’t mind me!

I went to get my hair done for the first time in 2 months. Afterwards, I was hungry AF when I arrived at P.F Chang’s. I don’t know why, but the food was really good this weekend. My hunger was off the chain, so I assume it was this. My go to is the chicken, broccoli rice bowl.

I didn’t realize how much my mating call could be improved after drinking this:

Photo Credit Goes To Jeptha Creed.

They were giving out samples and I took a sip and I just knew Jeptha Creed Apple Pie was the one, my one. They warmed it up and woo. I picked up that jar immediately.

Another one I discovered was called Rivulet.

This baby is something you can drink on it’s own. But you can also mix it with other ingredients and it goes well with drinks too.

Photo Credit Goes To Rivulet

And then Sugarland Distilleries:

Photo credit goes to: https://www.tastethedram.com/single-post/2017/02/22/Sugarland-Distilling-Interview---Moonshine-to-Whiskey-the-Progression/

The cinnamon shot is amaze balls. I dedicated it to my grandmother on her birthday.

I’ve discovered my 10th, 11th, and 12th wonders of the world. More wonders to be discovered the more drinks I get into. I usually don’t drink during recording, acting gigs, business, etc. This is the first weekend in a hot minute I let loose; I’m also trying to celebrate and get my tolerance ready for my cuzzo’s heavenly 21st bday (sadly he’s no longer here).

On Saturday, I inherited a new business on top of the others I’m doing. More on that later on down the line.

I’ve started watching this series called Dragon Ball Absalon. As a die-hard Dragon Ball fan, I’ve been waiting until the new season of Super comes out on anime. I appreciate fan series like this holding me over.


I hung out with some family.

Then I opened up the Tastee Apple.

Photo credit by Tastee Apple.

I’m really into my feelings on this one.

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