4 Martial Arts Styles I Want To Study

Currently got my 4 martial arts styles picked out. I don’t know if one exists. For my sake I hope it secretly does.

This recent fitness competition got me wanting more.

Why I’m Getting Back Into Martial Arts

I was trying to figure out what to name this.

4 Types Of Martial Arts I’m Currently Taking

F*** it. 4 Styles Of Martials Arts I Want To Take.

My Favorite Martial Arts Styles (because to a certain extend I admire them all, some in different periods of my life I flocked to more than others).

The title will be a last minute decision.


I may have to retake Shotokan and Taekwondo. My instructor in Shotokan just disappeared and never returned to the dojo.

I went away to school and

I still remember my katas from Karate.

I still got one kick from Taekwondo that I use to this day.

My Top 4 Martial Arts Forms I’m Taking Up Now


But I did find a dojo in Osaka, Japan that said they would be interested in taking me (when Covid restrictions are at bay, but I may take the online version until then). I described some of the goals I want to accomplish and we aligned.

Apparently, it’s one of the best defense classes in the world and I’ll be “street fighting ready.” I’m like okie dokes!

Apparently it exists in Osaka, Japan somewhere. It’s a closed circle and you have to earn their trust. I have to ask around when I get there to find it, because there’s no advertisement for it. I’m up for the challenge of earning their trust and seeing if it really exists.


I watched a lady on Tik Tok take down people 3 times her size, and suggested that every lady take up Jiu-Jitsu for self-defense purposes. The more I watched her videos, I got convinced that I need to train in that style more than ever. I literally watched her get out of a choke hold, a guy was holding her down in the car, got out of that, and I’m like shit.

I’m like ok, that’s my #1 form for the time being.

I was in an uncomfortable situation in a recording studio session and got kissed without my consent. It pissed me off. I walked in and got kissed just like that. I’m like damn it. If you are going to try to make this romantic, I’m out because I’m not interested. Next time a guy who is not my man does that to me he will not be a happy camper.

I have to be honest and say I have a couple of scheduled shoots coming up, and situations like that makes me so uncomfortable that sometimes I cancel.


Kung Fu

And finally with Kung Fu, I can be in a situation where I can mediate without judgement. My church growing up and some of my religious family members think yoga is a devil worship or witch craft. It is not. Mediation has a lot of benefits, but they fail to want to learn something outside of what they are used to or comfortable with. If it’s something they are unfamiliar with, instead of potentially learning something new, and opening up their mind to all the possibilities, they shun it. It’s not up to me to convince them otherwise, but I adore meditation.

Honorable Mentions:

I cannot take multiple forms at once. But these forms are impressive too.

Jeet Kune Do, Aikido, Krav Maga

For those who took up martial arts. what style(s) did you take up? Or what are you currently taking now?

It’s 2021 🔥🙌

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