5 Reasons Why People Hate On Your Success (And Why You Should Be Successful Anyways!)

#1. The Truth Is…You don’t get into business for your friends and family support. (LET THIS SINK IN).

What To Do When Others Don’t Support You

Stories. By Dan Lok.

#2 If you are seeking validation or permission, and the people around you don’t support you, don’t wait for it.

#3. When you take a path in life that your peers, friends and family don’t understand, they will more in likely not support you.

  • Your situation is unfamiliar to them, so they don’t know how to help
  • They fear the unknown and they want to protect you
  • They fear that you will fail
  • Sadly, some of them may want you to fail so you can stay where they are.
  • But don’t count on their support. You can try to explain your position and give them a chance to try to convince them. Maybe you can get a few on your side. You can still love them even if you are not on the same page as them (sometimes, you have to love people at a distance)
  • When you start on your path, your track record isn’t likely to be all that great, everyone has to start somewhere. You will have tried many things, and failed many things. Or what if you’re a dropout, Youngblood and straight out of school with little experience? Why should they trust you when you tell them about your vision, especially when you messed up before? They won’t buy into your belief or your plan at first because your track record isn’t very strong. So the first thing you need to do is believe in yourself. Believe in yourself and what you want to do, and stay committed to your goal.
  • The first thing you need to do is believe in yourself, no matter what your past or future path looks like to yourself and others. Believe in yourself and what you want to do, and stay committed to your goal.
  • Don’t expect or wait for anybody to support you. It’s going to be lonely path, but you can’t let that stop you from what you plan to achieve, as long as you stay committed.
  • Over time, once you achieve some success, then you might get some support when people see how dedicated you are
  • Show commitment to yourself, then the world will see it.

#5 Fear of failure and fear of success can also hold you back.

#6. When people see you on your path, they’re afraid of losing you.

  1. Be yourself. Know who you are and don’t try to convince others of your worth. When you become successful, you will attract others who are like you.
  2. Address the concerns from your loved ones and listen to what they have to say. Just because they don’t understand what you are doing, doesn’t mean they don’t respect you.
  3. Become self reliant and focus on your goals. Tune out all distractions, especially the fears of those who don’t support you.
  4. Reach out to a new network to find people with similar goals to yours. Ask them for advice and support. There are many online groups these days.
  1. Have you noticed when you’re successful, sometimes the people you expect to be happy for you feel threatened instead of being proud of you? (If you read my first article, all of this sounds awfully familiar.)
  2. You Didn’t Follow The Status Quo. Your Success Reminds Them That They Gave Up On Their Dreams Due To Fear, Uncertainty And Society Pressure. Most don’t appreciate or understand the work it takes to get success. They want material things and the life. But they are upset at the Lamborghini person/celebrity for actually putting in the work. Or have a negative mindset towards money ($) and don’t put in the mind work to earn those things themselves. So it’s easier to hate than put in the work.
  3. Your Success Reminds Them The Norm Isn’t Fulfilling. You Took The Steps Necessary To Make It Happen. They Aren’t Doing Anything To Change The Life They Don’t Like. When you’re successful, many times family, friends, and people around you get pissed off because you have accomplished your goals. Instead of applauding you for you taking action with your life, they try to defend their inaction and mediocrity. It’s the script that they tell themselves to justify not fulfilling their purpose and living unhappy lives.
  4. The highest level of hurt comes from going through life unfulfilled with broken dreams. You took responsibility and made your own destiny. They are upset because they let themselves and their dreams down. Or worst, let people talk them out of it and settled for less.
  5. They Don’t Understand What You Went Through To Achieve The Success.

One More Important Thing I Must Add:



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