6 People That Will Do You Wrong

Alesha Peterson
1 min readMar 5, 2023
  1. The person that hates their life…will try to find a way to keep you from loving yours.
  2. The person that you left in your past. Will try to find ways to mess up your future.
  3. The person that sees you as an opportunity. These people will act like they are for you. But really, they are for themselves.
  4. The person that wants your spot. And will do anything to make you lose your position.
  5. The person that can’t stand what’s right about you..will always try to find ways to expose what’s wrong with you.

By Trent Shelton.

It’s 2022 as I write this, but this is publishing in 2023!

It’s 2023 🔥🙌

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