7 Articles That Are Scary Accurate To My Real Life Experiences

It was like I was reading about myself looking at these articles. How do these writers know me like this, but we don’t know each other in real life?

Some of these was sent to me by you, then showed up in my Pinterest feed. Others I came across at random.

I got to thank these people for writing something so elegant and accurate to my life. THANK YOU.

1. Yes.

2. Yes.

3. Preach.

4. I do like moving in nature though. I like home with my dog.

5. Yes. The harder the workout the better. :D

6. Yep. More on the entrepreneur side.

7. Scary true. I got burned several times and learned the hard way not to trust anyone outside myself. :(

8. Um I rather Lyft or Uber home by myself, it’s a different world out here

9. This is gonna happen. Feel free to leave me out too. I won’t get offended. Low key prefer it this way.

10. See number 7! (In my will I do plan on being forever single. I had some health stuff pop up and had to tackle some scary life planning stuff in my mid 20's.)

11. Yep. Low key prefer it this way.


13. The advice I REALLY want? Where the buffets at? And if I’m hungry where’s the food? And is here piggy piggy a better mating call for bacon or sausage? Poll time. P.S. If I find some food that’s really good I’ll come up with some noise to justify it.

14. Yep. Big family. Friends will come for you too.

15. Exactly. Exactly. Exactly. I like my peace. Kitty the possum, my outdoor cats and squirrels.

Loraine. Loraine. Loraine. Thank you for writing this. (I don’t know why Sumaiya’s name shows up).

  1. YES.

Crystal, queen. The first paragraph of this are stellar beyond words. Thank you.

We are some of the hardest people to love.

  1. Yep. I got my resting b&*%h face. #IcePrincess

#1. If I keep posting every great article I see, we won’t ever reach an end. At some point, I got to have a stopping point.

#1. Re-read this twice.

I don’t want anyone sitting on me though. That’s the catch 22. Some guys I know take this as “huh, since she’s pulling in the money I can sit.” Oh how wrong you are. Pull your weight dear or keep moving. And still, as I mention before, everyone likes to be cared for and pampered. No matter how self-reliant I am, personally I still like spoiling, especially foodie trips.

#1 I’ve always handled it though, that’s the thing. I was a dumb dumb in my early 20s, made a mistake in opening up and it was costly. I was stupid to ever believe someone was gonna do something for nothing. I learned the hard way.

2. True. True. Truth! Generally I don’t like burdening or bothering people. I’ve dealt with so many bad things on my own that it’s second nature for me to just put my big girl pants on. I wouldn’t bring up a friend’s death at a engagement or wedding-in other words if a happy occasion is happening I’m not gonna ruin it with sad vibes.

On those days I just add extra reps to my workout sets.

#2a. Exactly. Being in solitude is home.

#3. It’s high af. I’m not sorry for this one.

#4. Deeply accurate. It’s not on my radar. I even limit workout photos of me because lowkey I hate thirst comments. I do them because my talent agencies ask me to for acting and that’s it.

#5. Stubborn I am, this is why personality wise I relate to Jiren so much with a lil Vegeta (from Dragon Ball Super for anyone who isn’t familiar with the series) . With a sprained ankle, I kept going a while back during my kata despite it hurting like hell, and my sensei had no idea. My friend & I did a sparring match. She did a quick roundhouse kick to my shin/ankle area. I still feel that pop if I think about it haha. If Gohan can beat Cell with a broken arm, I can also overcome that small temporary obstacle in the moment. I didn’t complain and got my yellow tiger. I walked with a limp for a week, wrapped that joker up but it was no biggie. (Physical pain goes away, burying people is harder to deal with. Take my word for it.) This “stubbornness” has worked in my favor in several areas of my life. If you can figure out how to turn Super Saiyan or Ultra Instinct let me know.

#6. I do make room for the possums and animals. They are cute. Their names are Kitty, Mark, and Marty. I befriend animals in nature. Lol.

#7. Have you seen my Tequila photos (and soon to be Moonshine photos)? I do have fun and let lose sometimes. I’m open to new experiences as long as food is involved. Put the pizza down in front of my door and back up slowly. I got this.

#8. This point is mean and better stop giving out my deepest secrets or else. I’ll eat you.

#9. 100% true. As far as I’m concerned no one is gonna take care of me financially sooo guess what homie? Nose to the grindstone. I’m not bothered by missing out because I’m using working on something. Literally I can be in my own world. This is not meant to be distant-I’m just working on stuff.

#10. Question is can he understand and process this?

#11. Thanks for your understanding.

#12. Yep. Queen of mistakes and I own it. I like making mistakes and learning from them. I’m good at eating, sleeping, then taking a crap afterwards. I’m not good at cooking, and wouldn’t be a good mom either. My candor and straightforward honesty in my posts on my blogs ain’t everyone’s cup of tea but I own my strengths and weaknesses. Just keeping it real withcha homies.

Make it a great day.

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I think I saw in one of these articles that some of us ain’t wired for relationships. I can agree with that.


These articles though.

While I see articles like this that try to convince you that being a parent is it, I gotta mention Modern Parent on Medium. This publication is the most honest, detailed stories I’ve seen on parenthood. It’s great.

A child-free life is just as rich and meaningful as anyone else. Thank you so much for writing something that hits so close to home. Even as a young person that desire to be a parent wasn’t there for me. If I change my mind, great. But don’t bank on it.

Yes sister preach. My lack of desire to bear children and be a mother is reason enough. To be quite frank I don’t want to be bothered. There’s not enough people in the world who understand this. I’ve wrote several articles about this several times.

They just gonna have to call me b*****, selfish and every name except the son of God. Say what you want about me. At this point in my life I’m used to people tearing me down. I’m not going to live life based on other people.

I’ve shared this multiple times because I like it that much. I got my tombstone planned to say “Here lies a single bitch who did what she wanted instead of what the world wanted.”

Best quote I’ve seen today.

However, women are just as likely to have a sad childhood, yet somehow they rise to the parenting challenge, while the man drifts off into a video game; there’s definitely more cultural permission for men to dump their share of the work on a woman than other way around.-Mia Miller

It’s 2021!

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