7 Uncomfortable Signs That You’re On The Verge Of Becoming The Person You’re Supposed To Be

I’m in a time crunch, so this one will be a collage of videos I’ve seen.

I don’t know how my cousin knew I needed this.

She mentioned in the video that before success it gets really difficult.

It does. I can tell you what mental manslaughter feels like and it doesn’t feel very good, trust me.

I saw a Youtube video where it said God is gonna surprise me. Yeah I got a surprise this weekend, and it wasn’t girl scout cookies (I would love some thin mints). Keep those type of surprises away from me lol.

P.S. And angels, at this time, no one is gonna convince me to get in a relationship, so stop with the shit already. I love all the numbers I’m seeing, and the best relationship I’m having so far is with my dog.

6 Uncomfortable Signs That You’re On The Verge Of Becoming The Person You’re Supposed To Be, By Raquel Olsson

#1. You feel isolated from others.

I thrive in it.

#2. You realize you have some internal issues you have to overcome.

Due to my life experiences I don’t trust easy. I’ve been burned way too many times, so I keep most at arms length.

When it comes to painful things, I need to stop when I’m ahead, and this is me stopping the madness and damn hamster wheel. I’m cutting it off. Vulnerability is a kind of sword that you freely give to someone else, you are practically giving another human an opportunity to deeply wound you. Unless I can trust you, and you have a proven record of keeping your trap closed, I will be very choosy with who I choose to share things with. Like the saying goes, don’t cast your pearls before the swine. Because at the end of the day, I have to live with my decisions, not them.

#3. You value your time now, and don’t want to hang out with mediocre people/company.

#4 You don’t make excuses for people anymore.

#5. You let things go that you didn’t before, because it’s not worth it, including people.

#6. You’re obsessed with the future, and you’re worried about it.

Poll: Who saved you when you were at your lowest?

10 Facts About Overthinkers By Laura Anna Marie Ben (I found it on that Tik Tok

  1. When they are sorry, they really sorry and hope you accept their apology.
  2. They can’t sleep at night if night if they make the wrong choice, doesn’t matter choice, every choice is important to them
  3. They are not insecure control freaks, they just think alot.
  4. They can’t let anything go, because if they can understand it better, they can change their outcome.
  5. They have high expectations. They’re very hard on themselves and expect a lot from others. (I relate to this the most. Because of my high standards I’ve experienced some cool things…Free advice here, you can’t control others but you can control yourself. I learned to lower my expectations of others so you won’t be disappointed…And if they knock it out the ball park and absolutely charm you great! If not, no worries, you wasn’t expecting anything anyways..)
  6. They are indecisive, but once they decide you can’t change their mind.
  7. It’s really difficult for them to live in the moment, they always worry about what’s going to happen next.
  8. They always try to be on time and prepare and usually have more than one alarm set.
  9. Overthinking doesn’t make them crazy they just think more than the average person.
  10. They know relationships can be challenging, as they put added meaning behind anything said to them. (My thing is to not get a divorce in the first place by not get married in the first place, trust me I haven’t always been this sarcastic.

I came across this…

You are not damaged goods and you are not broken. You are not a failure or worthless or a burden. You are not weak, you are not a waste of space. And you are not alone. You are important. You are loved. You are needed. You’re smart, and beautiful and strong. I’m sorry that you are going through a hard time right now and I know it feels like it will never end. And I promise you there are better days just around the corner.-justmejg

This one hit very close to home, I’ve gone through some things where I wonder if sharing the details would traumatize the person, so I kept it to myself and held back being completely open (and done this my whole life). This may have cost me some close friendships, but I don’t want to be that person, where every time someone comes around me, I have a laundry list of things going on and I burden/overwhelm the person, so I don’t. Lets put it this way, I’m not going to talk about a friend’s suicide at a wedding or baby shower. This is the wrong place or time. If’s there’s something happy going on, I’m not gonna ruin it.

After going through multiple hard times back to back I’ve learn how to just deal, and hoping it ends sooner rather than later. It’s life.

A lightworker friend pointed out that our existence isn't meant to be full of suffering, trauma, and torture, even though as lightworkers we are equipped to take it. And we are meant for happiness, spirituality and connection. If this is God’s/angels way of trying to get me in a romantic relationship by having me experience bad life situations, for the 100th time, I want to be happy on my own right now, and if I change my mind I’ll hoot and holla. Friendships and open bonds with my cousins that I haven’t been as close to before, I’m totally down. The romantic bit fuck no.

Here’s 8 signs that you have a really big heart, that may also be causing you a lot of pain. To be continued….

It’s 2021 🔥🙌

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