8 Signs You Are Growing Into The Best Version Of Yourself

Alesha Peterson
2 min readMay 28, 2023

You refuse to let the opinions of others affect the way you feel about yourself.

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  1. You refuse to let the opinions of others affect the way you feel about yourself.
  2. When you look back on your past versions of you, you are truly proud of the person you are today. (If anyone knows how to clear their social security number, please contact me…..
  3. You recognize everyone has flaws, including you, and you try to work on them.
  4. You stay true to yourself and the people that you care about.
  5. You chose the people you let into your life every carefully. (I have a lot of outer circles, most don’t make it in the inner circle, full disclosure. Some friends I only see once a year for specific things…)
  6. You are focused on being the bigger person than getting revenge. (I slightly disagree with this one. I will not show up in court without a lawyer or let a defenseless animal get hurt.)

7. You stopped accepting poor behavior from others and know your worth.

It’s 2022 at the time of the writing, but by the time you read this it will be 2023!🔥🙌

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