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No wonder I’ve always felt uncomfortable working in Indianapolis after that happened.

I swiped my card and went up to the recording studio. I stopped by the office. As I was opening the door, I said boo. I love pranking people and having fun entrances.

He was like nah, you didn’t scare me. He said “Trying to be scary?”

And right before I had the chance to react or move out the way, he kissed me.

I’m like yuck. Why in the hell did this happen. I was not amused. It felt very weird and very uncomfortable.

What happened to…

June was a crazy month.

Happy 4th! If you want to wait until Monday to read this and enjoy your holiday, go ahead.

Between the family emergencies/issues, deaths, crazy gig schedules, this fitness competition has been a God send. According to my “love pattern,” my stoic nature helps me maintain my cool even if my life is f*****.

But I also attribute a lot of my level headedness to working out and pushing my body to the absolute limit (even if it is borderline crazy).

To stay busy, I released a song and I booked a gig at the same…

If you’ve experienced more darkness or pain than normal, please watch what Oliver said first, then read my article second.

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It’s a long video, but it will make more sense if you do.

Before you read, I want you to watch this.

Without Oliver and his lightworker message, this article wouldn’t exist.

I am a lightworker. Are you?

Apparently, according to Oliver’s video, I was born equipped to deal with the things I’m dealing with because I’m here to fulfill a purpose. I’m given trauma because I can handle it, and with it every fiber of my being I…

Biddl3 came up with the best advice and I wanted to share it.

For us content creators:

I think one of, if not, the biggest challenges is getting out of our own way – meaning not allowing our thoughts to stop us from executing. Speaking from personal experience, there have been too many times where I:
- Shot my own ideas down before I even started making the content.
- Compared my results to other people's, putting unnecessary pressure on myself.
- Saw content that performed poorly as a "failure" rather than just a "result".
This negativity resulted in a lowering of…

I’ve been having a lot of angel numbers appear in my life. 1010. 555. 333. 1212. 444. 1111. A lot of cool phenomenon I cannot ignore.

Here’s the articles and signs showing up.

And here’s my responses to them. Some of them funny. Some of them serious. Some of them are snarky with attitude. Trigger warning, I do curse in this. If it’s not your forte, it’s not the article for you.

I saw 333 before my baby cousin was born on August 10th, 2021..My close friend had her kid on August 8th, 2021. Another close friend (my love Amelia!)…

I tried to love her, I really did.

I was so close to tenderly touch her heart.

I was so close to her center, to her beautiful, loving center.

But she was afraid, afraid of being fearless,

afraid of of letting go.

Letting go of all the walls she had built around herself,

built around herself in order to survive in this world,

in this world, where showing the heart has become a sign of weakness,

and calculation, calculation with the mind, one of the highest aims.

Her little heart, her little, beautiful heart did suffer so much.

That’s why…

Yep, so it happened again. A topic or two popped in my feed from the various groups again and I was asked to respond to it.

*Warning. My bluntness is off the chain in this. If you think you can handle, welcome. If not, maybe this ain’t for you.

Idk why this bothers me but it drives me crazy when women only describe themselves as moms. Like that’s wonderful but is that who you are? I see on so many people’s profiles and stuff “boy mom” or stuff like that and nothing else. Like no shit, all you post is…, Kayla Brandon Photography

Article version. The 2020 video versions of this so far my most commented videos on my Youtube channel. I keep getting DMs, private messages to this day. Due to popular demand, I made a 2021 follow-up.

(Expect typos, I worked on this during some late nights. If you want you can start where the first quote by Ayesha K Faines (hey name buddy) is or read the whole thing. Up to you).

Well my friends and family..

I come across this and wanted to address the question thrown at me.

You wasn't invited. Let me be blunt.

1. You weren't…

Am I Delusional? This is charging my account twice right? Just a note, both were in the red, then one switched to pending. And people wonder why I have trust issues. Lmfao.

I barely have any trust left. This doesn’t help. In my journey of moving on from Ebay. Maybe I should stick with Etsy.

Or maybe stay with mom and pop stores.

Here’s my journey with Ebay.

I signed up for an Amazon account to support my cousin’s business. I’m obsessed with Minty Relieph. (and other small business owners, I’m discovering you.) It’s the thing I didn’t realize I needed until I started using it. Life has been especially hard with losing people in droves for several years. This helps during the hard days when no one is around. Self care…

Photo Credit Goes To Ross Bay Cemetry!

Disclaimer: All information, data and material contained, presented, or provided on this post is written from my first hand experiences of mental illness and suicide from loved ones. It is not to be construed or intended as providing medical or legal advice. Decisions you make about your family’s healthcare are important and should be made in consultation with a competent medical professional. I’m not a physician and do not claim to be.

A question was asked if they would be missed if they passed away by suicide a while back.

Trigger Warning. You don’t have to read this if you…

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