Amazon Charged My Card Twice (But Fixed It)

Am I Delusional? This is charging my account twice right? Just a note, both were in the red, then one switched to pending. And people wonder why I have trust issues. Lmfao.

I barely have any trust left. This doesn’t help. In my journey of moving on from Ebay. Maybe I should stick with Etsy.

Or maybe stay with mom and pop stores.

Here’s my journey with Ebay.

I signed up for an Amazon account to support my cousin’s business. I’m obsessed with Minty Relieph. (and other small business owners, I’m discovering you.) It’s the thing I didn’t realize I needed until I started using it. Life has been especially hard with losing people in droves for several years. This helps during the hard days when no one is around. Self care routine and post audition cool down. And on itchy skin and for me cramps! Don’t know if it was meant for that.

Avon has this product that I loved to death and they discontinued it.

Same with bath and body works. I want romantic wish back.

Minty Relieph betta not go anywhere. Please don’t, I’m obsessed.

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When I was told that Amazon was the only place I could get this loveliness, I’m like oh s***. Another big online retailer. Ebay threw me away for no reason, and now I gotta go through this again? I took a month to work up my nerve to sign up for that account.

When I find a product I like, I want to stick with it. And will go through hell and high water to get it.

When I ordered. I had a sigh of relief that it when through. Then I saw a Facebook status about someone who’s thinking about quitting Amazon all together. After this, something told me to check my account.

And sure enough saw -27.00 in red deducted twice. I’m like oh geez, here we go again. Another adventure with a big online retailer.

Then I goggled that getting charged twice was common amongst Amazon users. I’m like s****.

Customer service confirmed that this happens when you use debit cards. It has nothing to do with the seller (especially in my case). It has EVERYTHING to do with Amazon. And how they process cards.

My card is not attached to a bank account. It’s a card that I use just for online purchases before I pull out my credit.

And to check back in 5 days.

Maybe I’m not good at online retailers.

What have your experiences been with Amazon? Good? Bad?

It’s 2021 🔥🙌

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