Clinical Trials On A New Experimental Stem Cell Procedure Could Help Those With Concussions

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I’m sitting here looking at this Steelers vs. Colts game on Thanksgiving.

As you know, our quarterback Andrew Luck has a concussion aka traumatic brain injury aka (MTBI). :( NO.

But I looked up concussion injuries and concussion cures. Look at what I found.

The doctors at the Ohio Stem Cell Treatment Center in Cleveland are experimenting with a treatment for concussions using their patient’s fat to heal the injuries. The fat uses a person’s own regenerative mesenchymal stem cells, called Stromal Vascular Fraction.

The fat is removed, then inserted back in the body. Once SVF finds any damage or disease, SVF rushes to heal it with few side effects and little pain. According to researchers, it showed that the treatment appears to lessen the body’s neuroinflammatory response to brain injury, and works to maintain brain tissue.

So is there hope?

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Maybe for concussion treatments. And for people who have suffered multiple concussions.

I’m not sure about the Colts season just yet.

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