Last piece before my birthday. I’m going to say things I usually don’t say because I’m discovering new hangover cures.

I literally just came home from going out last night for the first time since the pandemic. Hydrated a lot before going out to drink.

  • Before going out to bars for the first time since the pandemic, I was dreading it. Sent in a lot of prayer requests for a safe night (I’m not really the religious sort, but). Back in school, people knew me as someone that like to go out a lot. They thought my Gemini, extroverted side was gonna take over and make me stir crazy. Yes, I don’t like sitting in one spot all day and want to switch places. But I didn’t miss the bars like I thought. See, being the only child growing up, I’ve gotten used to being alone and happy in silence. If you’re around me and notice me a little bit quieter, I’m not trying to be anti-social. I’ve been used to being quiet.
  • Don’t think I’ll be the same drinker like I was at 21 years old, but I will sure as hell put in the effort when the occasion is on the horizon. Surprisingly, I haven’t been drinking as much during the pandemic. Between zoom auditions and wanting to maintain my muscle mass (alcohol can damage your results if you drink too much!) I haven’t been drinking. I love Tequila, but I will not show up to a set or recording session hungover. During the day yesterday, I drank a lot of Powerade and a water combo. I’m surprised last night went as well as it for someone that hasn’t been out as much. And took shots like I was in my prime. Thanks for taking one for the team, liver. Appreciate you homie.
  • GOODYs. WHERE HAVE YOU BEEN MY WHOLE Life? I needed you years ago. I took one of these this morning and my “hangover” significantly dimmed.

I’m considering trying these below.

  • The deepest personal confession of all. Due to watching so many friends pass away since I was 18, I would definitely admit that mentally I took a hit. Not many of my peeps notices because I put on a strong front a lot. One of my birthday buddies that passed away is a day before mine. Birthdays are special, don’t get me wrong. But in recent years I’ve felt tired and worn out. I literally been telling my doctors about my energy drain (and I’m going to seek some second opinions soon). I long for my birthday to feel special like it did in childhood, but in recent years, it’s just another day. I wanted to go to Vegas for my dirty 30. Due to the pandemic, I didn’t. I was bummed, but the excitement kinda faded, and I’ve been like eh, I’ll get to it when I get to it. I’ve learned to make the best of my day in my own way the older I get, regardless if people recognize it or not. The older I get also, I’ve gotten used to giving instead of getting (don’t get me wrong, I love being spoiled too, but the expectation and excitement of getting something like I was when I was 10 has definitely faded, you know what I mean? It’s the same idea that I was genuinely excited for Santa Claus and nervous to go to sleep at 5? That innocence is gone, every year I just sleep like it’s a normal day. ). Another example I recently posted in a group: All of my friends graduated before me, will definitely get married and have kids before me (read here for more details lol and also here), etc and I’m ok with this and fully support them. I’m just on a different path and timeline, and not being the comparing or jealous type, I know I’m not gonna do some of those things so I live it through them. And yep, people younger than me graduated before me, and I took them out to celebrate and lived it vicariously through them also.

So as I write this, I’m keeping the peppermint tea and a 2nd packet of Goody’s by my side. Also asked my group of online girls pointers on hangover cures.

Happy Birthday To All My Birthday Buddies Out There!

It’s 2021 🔥🙌

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