I’ve only been in the club for a day. But what is it really like to be 30? The differences I experienced in my teens, 20s and now 30s.

As soon as I get the chance, I will flip that picture over. I’m still celebrating and the picture won’t cooperate, and I wanted to write something before midnight.

The only difference I notice?

People asking me about who I’m dating or married to. It’s annoying that people think that’s the only thing I should be concerned with. Because I’m not.

I did the coronavirus 19 celebration addition, where I socially distanced from people.

I had several tequlia shots, honored my birthday buddy’s memory (continue to rest in power Andrew Bujina), and discovered that my tolerance is back. Lol.

There’s no earth scattering difference. I didn’t experience nothing differ when I transitioned from 19 to 20 either.

More on this later. I got to get back to celebrating.

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