Don’t Waste Your Time Assuming That You Need A Beautiful Website, A Huge Email List, And A Huge Following To Have A Real Successful Business

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How many of you assume that you will need to have a huge email list, have 100,000+ followers to think you have a successful business? After all, it’s great to have to have huge numbers right?

I’m going to share something I recently learned. Don’t waste your time with an email list and a website before you made real money. In a few of my posts, I mentioned that you need to niche, test it and collect emails for feedback on your idea before you spend money on it as a business. Yes, I’m still going to stick with my recommendations. BUT.

You can build your business with no website, little to no email list, no paid software, and little to no experience.

Theory: You need friends and family for your business to be successful.

Fact: It would be nice if family and friends financially supported your business by purchasing your products. The truth is, you can’t force people to care, as bad as you want them to. I notice when I tell friends what I do to get my abs, my words go in one ear and out the other. They want the results, but don’t want to work for it. I remember inboxing my friend a music project I recorded for feedback. She said she would listen to it, but never did. So I decided to focus on people who actually care. My label created a website and decided to find the right people. I’d rather have 100 people who care instead of 10,000 people who don’t. Currently, I only have 1,807 on my Facebook page. I did not send invites to personal family and friends and here is why. If they come naturally, that’s fine. But they might not be interested in what I’m doing. By targeting the wrong audience, I’m wasting their time and I’m wasting my time.

Try This: Everything changes when you target the right people and stop trying to appeal to everyone. I stopped telling my friends about my music. I stopped attempting to tell them about my workout regime. Trust me, you don’t need to ask random people to become followers, fans, and subscribers. You can save time by not chasing people. I remember spending tons of time growing my Myspace page back in the day, and I never use Myspace now. If you focus on the small group of people who care, you can save time (by not worrying about people who will just b***** and waste your time) AND you can spend ample time with the people who gives a damn. When you have the right people that matters, SMALL IS GREAT and BIGGER ISN’T ALWAYS BETTER! Tiny can land revenue in your hand if you correctly screen potential customers (won’t lie, still tweaking my skills in this area).

Again, you don’t need a million visitors to your website, 500,000 facebook followers, or even 100,000 email subscribers. I have 103,000 followers on Myspace and I don’t even use it (and Myspace is no longer a thing anymore haha).

Theory: You need a huge email list or perfect website to have a real successful online business.

Fact: You don’t need a big list. In many cases, a simple website actually outperforms an expensive one! A tiny list with the right people will always shut down a huge list with other people that don’t care about what you are doing.

Get Potential Clients On The Phone Authentically Without Email Lists And Complicated Sales Funnels

If I lost you during some of my sales funnel posts and you are at the beginning of your business, no worries. (But try to pick up on the concept sooner rather than later!)

When starting out, don’t cold email or cold call people. I did it with a business and got a few responses.

First, go through your networks. Ask if there is a problem that you can solve. Ask if your business can add value to them. After finding these people that you can add value to, reach out to them with a message/phone call. I actually prefer calling people.

“Hey You! I’m Alesha. I’ve started a new business helping people write love letters to food while growing their engagement and followers on Instagram. Do you want to talk about how to grow your Instagram while having engaging posts?”

If they say yes, schedule a time using (Anyone know of any others?). I used this and it’s so much easier to schedule appointments. It takes too much time messaging people back and forth through email, Facebook, etc. If not, no worries, you can still keep them in your network! Who knows, they might be able to refer new clients to you in the future.

Identify Relevant Social Media Websites

My favorites? Facebook, Instagram, Snapchat, LinkedIn, and Twitter.

(I loved Vine. God bless that social network. I can’t believe it gone).

But find your social media platforms where your perfect clients and not-so-perfect clients netflix and chill aka can be found. After you find their hangout spot, create content that will get their attention and solve their issues.

On Instagram (I listed that personal example because I actually do this). I will take a picture of food that’s pleasing to the eyes. I will find the most romantic love poem that could go with it, edit the picture, then post it.

When people like, comment, and send me comments in my inbox, I respond.

On Facebook, write a blog post on how the 2016 Elections and how the results made you feel, and post it in a significant group (I’m sure anyone would get a lot of responses right now). Notice I didn’t say post it on your Facebook with your personal family and friends. If they are not your target audience and not even in your not-so-perfect category, they won’t be interested at all. I actually post most of my Medium and Huffington Posts on Twitter for this reason. The people who read my content is on Twitter (I’ve actually gotten a lot of tweets and retweets about my articles).

When people comment on your post, shoot them a personalized message. When they respond, hold a conversation to see if they are your ideal customer or fit in the not-so-perfect category. If they are ideal, continue the conversation to see where it takes you. This can get you customers quicker than waiting on the perfect client.

Add Value To Them, Regardless If They Become Your Customer Or Not

Finally you got them on the phone. Brinnnng. Brinnng. They answer. Exchange hellos. Get to know each other.

Talk. Be human. Don’t try too hard to sell upfront. But don’t spend hours singing Kumbaya on the phone either. Start the call with the reason why you called in the first place within a few minutes of placing the call.

Then, start talking about the potential customer’s goals, and what they want in the future. Establish your credibility (tell them who you are). Figure out exactly what they want, their fears, and what’s holding them back from accomplishing their goals. Ask them “Why did you decide to book this call with me? Why with me and not with someone else? Why now?” If the conversation gets off topic, get back on topic.

Build their vision. “What do you want to accomplish? Why does that matter? How will this make your life better?”

Next, find out what their obstacles are. “What are your barriers? How does that feel? Where will will you life be impacted if you don’t change your problem(s)? How much longer are you willing to tolerate this?”

Then share some stories of similar people with similar problems who succeeded in getting the outcome they want.

After they tell you their barriers and their goals, repeat in their own words. By doing this, it shows you were listening to them. Tell them that you want to kamehameha those issues away.

Then give them a plan to get them to the finish line. Provide them with value, regardless if they become your client or not. Even if they don’t become your client, they should have a plan to solve their problem.

Based on the potential customer’s answers, you will know if you want to make an offer to them. If they aren’t a good fit, don’t make your offer. I’m telling you everyone is not your right customer. I’ve seen people who needed money to pay a bill, and they chose the client based on that (and not adding value) and I’m here to tell you. It was a nightmare.

If you find that you want to work together, make an offer for your potential client. “I’d like to share a program with you. Give them the details, A to Z. Do you feel that the natural next step is to move forward together?”

If they say yes, proceed to the green light. If they turn down the offer, before ask them if there are any reasons it might not be a good fit. Common answers you may run into.

“I’ve tried this before and it didn’t work.”

“I don’t have enough time.”

“I don’t have enough money.”

They don’t have the time? Show them how they don’t have the time NOT to solve this problem. They don’t have the money? Show them how they can’t afford NOT to join. They’ve tried it before with someone else? Tell them that your method is unlike anyone else’s. If you have successful clients, set up a time for your potential client and successful client to talk.

The key is you have to get them over their fears. If you don’t, these problem(s) could hold them back for the rest of their life if it’s not solved.

If they won’t pay money for coaching now. They’ll probably NEVER pay money for coaching. And so they’ll never get reach the peak that they had in mind. They will watch others be successful, and they lie awake at night wondering what happened in their life. When you transform fears into action, it’s great because it’s done with the best interest of the client in mind.

If they still say no, this potential customer just missed the chance of a lifetime to solve their biggest problems forever. And you just lost a relationship with a client. Thank them and ask them to fill out a testimonial. And so many of them will still go out and solve their problem because you helped them overcome their mental barriers at least.

Let’s say that you got to the finish line and potential clients into your paying clients. Yayy. What now?

Finally, take their payment. Set up a free Paypal/Stripe/Square account and send them in invoice on the call. If you can, get popmoney (that is quickly becoming my favorite, and Paypal is not my favorite haha).

Also, give them a 100% satisfaction guarantee that they will see results if they do the work. Make sure they understand that they need to put in the work.

Then get them in your calendar and start working.

The beauty of this process? Value above selling wins every time.

Help Them Through Their Obstacles.

When you address their fears, you address their emotions. Actions drive emotions. By influencing the fears & emotions, you drive actions from your client.

Be Prepared To Work Your Tail Off For Days

This isn’t a get rich quick scheme. It will take work to build your business up and become “quote” in “quote” wealthy.

Get a successful coach to help you build up these wins into even greater revenue and impact.

Celebrate knowing that you have the ability to generate wealth by impacting lives in a way that makes both your life and the lives of everyone you touch better is impact and security.

Celebrate knowing that you have the ability to build empires.

Here’s a few extra pointers that I learned about this process.

Bonus 1: Silver Lining About Your Ideal Niche

Most business people recommend picking a very specific niche and testing it, then either moving forward or getting rid of it. (This is the way I’ve always been taught).

But guess what I discovered a little silver lining. Yes. Still identify your niche. Hit your target market. But your chances of hitting your ideal client during your first business transaction is not high. You still want to get your right customer and still earn money within a ideal time frame right? (That ideal time frame being like 3 to 4 months? Maybe sooner)?

So how? How do you get the dough but get the right customer? Pursue your perfect client. They are within your market niche. Also sign up clients that you can add value to.

Many times, starting out, we are told to define your target niche (and reject those who isn’t your perfect client). BOMBSHELL. The ones that isn’t your ideal customer but will still get results from your business and be over the moon that they invested in you are people we shouldn’t over look. If they benefit from what you are doing, it’s ok to sign them up. This is the same client that isn’t the meal we were expecting, but ends up becoming the best meal-in other words, they pay you, get rock solid results and free promotion.

The people who can skip this process and go for their absolute perfect client? People who are already successful and well-known. For example, Beyonce can pick who she wants for her tour. Same thing for Taylor Swift.

Then, guess what? The person that you wasn’t targeting ends up becoming your niche. Crazy right?

I have to be honest and say I have a ideal client. But is my ideal client in mt mind and my ideal client in reality could be completely off. If I find this out sometime down the road, I’m cool with it!

Bonus 2: Pushy Or Not?

As a salesperson, you never want to be seen as pushy, right? You rather let them go if they oppose versus being that annoying salesperson. If you go through the steps of how you can transform their life, it can be a game changer.

Hello! I’m Alesha! I’m a musician, actress, entrepreneur and writer and recent hospital patient (I still can’t believe that is real). Follow on Twitter. If you like what I’m writing, give me a heart and share! :) I like hearts. Let me know what you want me to write! Click here!

Howdy! Entrepreneurship, fitness, music, acting, real estate, tequila & investing is sexy. Idea for an article? Suggestions wanted!

Howdy! Entrepreneurship, fitness, music, acting, real estate, tequila & investing is sexy. Idea for an article? Suggestions wanted!