These are the articles I think about late at night, even when I’m going to sleep. Oh I’m publishing this on my birthday.

Section 1

I’m just going to be blunt. I had so many stupid questions about my race, what I am because I’m light skinned/yellow/multi-racial you name it. THESE ARTICLES NAILS IT.

There is one more that I REALLY LIKED from my Twitter and I can’t find it. I’ll post it here because it’s that good.


Section 2

Just for disclaimer: I’m in a happy relationship with a guy! But what I don’t like is people trying to hook me up with their nephews, sons, god sons etc. Or mettle because I choose to keep this aspect of my life private. A guy has never defined me or do I need a relationship to feel complete. I very much like living my life on my own terms, not on other people’s terms. My place is wherever I want to be, and you will very much see me do things on my own WITHOUT HIM. The one thing I wasn’t going to do is be suffocated or settle for a relationship just for the sake of having one.

So for Christ’s sake. I need everyone in my life to calm the hell down on this. 10 years ago they were annoying the hell out of me about what college I’m going to, now it’s who’s by my side. If I decide to get married and have kids, I’ll let you know. It’s my choice, not yours. AND JUST A REMINDER. I LOVE DOING THINGS BY MYSELF.

Anywho, these articles NAILS IT.

Honorable Mentions:

Section 3:

We can create the thing that others would want to join instead of waiting for others to invite us to join.

After reading these two articles, I realized that sometimes my ambition and drive are taken the wrong way. And being an entrepreneur, you are generally misunderstood anyways.

Too many times, I noticed that the guys were elected president in various organizations that I’m in, even if they made mistakes. But let me make a mistake and I would hear it behind my back. It made me rely on myself instead of others.

Create the thing that others would want to join instead of waiting for others to invite us to join. If I would have waited for others to make me president of their clubs, I would still be waiting for their approval. I went out and created my own startups and businesses.

Howdy! Entrepreneurship, fitness, music, acting, real estate, tequila & investing is sexy. Idea for an article? Suggestions wanted!