“Fixed Mindset Versus Growth Mindset”

I forget where I originally saw this, but it’s really good. I added in some of my thoughts to this as well.

People with a fixed mindset believe that you have fixed qualities. Your intelligence, character, and personality are what they are, because that’s how you were born. They’re unchangeable.

People with a growth mindset believe that your basic qualities are things you can cultivate through your own efforts. Everyone can grow and change through application and experience.

Which one would you instinctively say resonates more with you?

Unfortunately, our education system trains us to adopt a fixed mindset.

Most people from a very young age are taught to believe that they have a certain ingrained level of ability in doing things (i.e — “you are smart, you are dumb, you are average.”) Education and success is conditioned by praise (“You got a 95% on the math test, good job, you’re really smart at math”). Thereby, if you fail (for example, you get a 65% on a test), you are dumb. You can’t do it. Learning and improvement becomes very static, and kids become very brittle, and you mature with this sort of understanding of your abilities.

This is how the majority of us approach dieting and health in general. We either “can” or “can’t” do it. There’s no in-between, there’s no emphasis placed on the process of learning how. You’re either skinny or fat, healthy or not, determined or lazy.

When it comes to dieting and weight loss, a fixed mindset can be harmful in ways you’ve never thought about.

With a fixed mindset, you aren’t supposed to need to apply effort. Success is about being better than others; effort is for those who can’t make it on talent. The result? You live behind excuses. Effort robs you of all your excuses. “Of course Peggy is fit and trim, she doesn’t have to work! I could lose the weight if I didn’t have a full time job.” Do you say or think like this?

With a fixed mindset you are not a work in progress, you are a finished product. And finished products have to protect themselves.

With a growth mindset, effort is the key to success. In a growth mindset, you think things like: “I know I’ll master my diet eventually because I’m committing to putting in the effort, day after day. I know that if I focus on the process over the outcome — if I focus on making healthy choices instead of losing weight — I will lose weight and I will have the body I’ve always wanted.”

You’ll lead a proactive way of life in which you’re fundamentally moved from the inside out, constantly striving to make choices that follow through with your intentions. You will make mistakes, and you will look to those mistakes as learning opportunities to unpack what went wrong and what you can take from it to prepare for next time.

The fixed mindset believes any kind of adversity or failure is devastating. You want to hide every time you ‘mess up’ on your diet because you don’t want to be judged or labeled as a failure.

For example: “I was overwhelmed at my friend’s birthday party and gave in to the pasta and wine and cookies. I suck. I can’t do this.”

The growth mindset believes adversity and failure are worth investing in, because that’s how you’ll learn and improve for a similar situation.

For example: “Yeah, I had one bad night and had some pizza, but 6/7 days this week I was awesome and, you know what, I feel totally cool about giving myself off one night per week because shooting for perfect is stupid and unrealistic.”

With a growth mindset, you become curious about why you messed up and want to learn from it so you can do better next time and not make the same mistake twice.

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