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Alesha Peterson
3 min readSep 12, 2021


Biddl3 came up with the best advice and I wanted to share it.

For us content creators:

I think one of, if not, the biggest challenges is getting out of our own way – meaning not allowing our thoughts to stop us from executing. Speaking from personal experience, there have been too many times where I:
- Shot my own ideas down before I even started making the content.
- Compared my results to other people's, putting unnecessary pressure on myself.
- Saw content that performed poorly as a "failure" rather than just a "result".
This negativity resulted in a lowering of my confidence & consistency, and ultimately a halt in posting all together. This killed my momentum and growth. If there's one thing I learned last year, it's that momentum and consistency are everything when trying to grow. Yesterday as I was journaling, I received a lot of clarity on how to stay out of and/or get yourself out of these creative ruts.

Here are a few things I concluded:

1. We all have our own, unique goals and dreams for our lives. Though we may share some, the entire vision I have for my life does not look like yours, and so on. Therefore it makes zero sense to compare ourselves to anyone else other than our past selves. Compare posts to your previous posts. Compare streams of your new song to your previous songs. If you are trending in an upward direction, that is all you should care about.

2. All it takes is one. One post. One song. We're living in a time where one piece of content can change your entire trajectory, and it doesn't have to be some grand, expensive production. You're probably rolling your eyes at this one, and I get it because I used to, too. Then, last year, I dropped my first viral video ever and went from a "regular" TikTok account of 2,000 followers to over 40,000 in 24 hours. The 120+ videos I dropped before that flopped. You only need one to turn things around.

3. You only "fail" when you give up. Otherwise, there is no such thing, so get that whole concept out of your head. This is not school. Think of content creation this way: when you post something, you are asking, "Does this work?" The results you get are your "Yes" or "No", and the analytics & comments are the "reasons". So for example, I post a TikTok that gets 500 views, 50 likes, 3 comments, and 0 shares. TikTok just told me that particular post doesn't work because it wasn't something that people were inclined to share or comment on. It wasn't a "failure", it was a post. And the results of that post gave you insight for your future content – you now know what doesn't work and won't waste your time doing it in the future. That's all, don't overthink it.

I know this was a long post, but I felt it was necessary. People often look at the number of followers I have and think I have it all figured out. Truth is, I'm no different than the next content creator. So I really hope these are helpful reminders as you continue to navigate all this on the path to achieving your goals and dreams.

Happy Monday 💪🏾



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