Have The Audacity To Do It Regardless

Alesha Peterson
5 min readAug 14, 2022


When you don’t let others opinions or limitations influence you, you can build the greatest life you can ever imagine.

To some people, your desires might appear contradictory. They see how your attention strays, the way you’re able to hold multiple ideas in your head at once, and they assume that you don’t know what you actually want. But it isn’t that you don’t know: It’s that your desires are too rich and diverse and interesting to be contained by a single idea, a single word. This week, don’t let anyone convince you that you must narrow your vision, diminish your curiosity, make yourself small. You aren’t greedy for wanting more, Gemini

My desires are too rich and diverse to be contained by a single idea, a single word. I have never let anyone convince me that I must narrow my vision, diminish my curiosity, or make my self small. Because I wanted more and didn’t see success like others did, I didn’t fit in many times, and for years at different periods, I felt like no one really had my back. I also felt like I couldn’t trust a lot of people due to my experiences. Periods of isolation was totally the norm (and still is to a certain extent). According to my “guides”

As you can probably tell over the years, it’s been difficult for you to “fit in” here on Earth.

What’s popular and mainstream rubs you the wrong way because it typically goes against your morality.

It seems like what’s on TV, social media, or in the news doesn’t really align with what you know your soul wants to do.

That’s because you’re different, Alesha.

I even read in one that I thrive in periods of isolation because I needed to grow for myself by myself (as soon as I find the wording I’ll put it here).

Before I reached a million streams on Soundcloud, people were talking shit. I didn’t want to work a 9 to 5er like my peers, so I took flack for it.

I saw something they didn’t see. I had a vision in my head. Many friends left, many family members went silent. And the one thing I noticed that most people do is during difficult times, mostly everyone went silent.

I noticed when my music started getting streams/plays, people/ former friends that I found wasn’t interested in my music was popping back watching my story. People are fickle like this, they only come around and hop on the bandwagon when they think you are on to something, or think you can give them something. Yet when you are not doing well, most are no where to be found. If they can’t use you they don’t want to be bothered theory rings true.

People are going from talking less shit (I still expect some to be secret haters lol) to being more respected just because of streams. As a society, we are obsessed with going viral, having millions of streams/views, regardless if the video or music is any good or not. And people wanting to jump on your bandwagon just to get a piece for themselves. I spent most of the time away from family and friends dealing with medical stuff (and I go back for surgeries when necessary), but when I posted that I got millions of streams, people that usually didn’t pay attention did. I don’t have a lot of followers, never was that crazy about fame so the fact that people are listening to my music is cool. I’ve always kept my guard up, but at this point, I have to keep my guard up especially; it’s a thing to try and figure out if people are around you for who you are, or what you have.

Even if you have a dream that’s crazy to the people around you and you find that you are not getting any support, or not respecting your craft, success is the best revenge and the best way to make them eat crow! It doesn’t have to be in a million streams! Have the audacity to do it anyways in your own way!

There’s some people who sit around waiting to see you choke. Make sure that mother***** suffocates!

By Clinton Sparks.

From getting yelled at by Russell Simmons to shooting music videos with Rick Ross, Ludacris and Bun B.

To podcasting with 50 Cent early 2000’s (before podcasting was a thing) to DJing with Questlove.

To trying to convince Lil’Jon to do something (story of my life with Jon) to hanging with my DJ brothers, reasoning with Pete Wentz about relationships to tricking Keyshia Cole to keep hugging me.

I have lived a pretty amazing life. A life that feels like 10 lives.

I’ve traveled the world, made more money than I need, worked with the biggest names and most amazing people, won countless awards, built businesses, and almost anyone could dream of doing, I did it.

I did it because I wanted to and didn’t make any excuses to why it maybe couldn’t happen.

When others think your ideas and chasing your goals are crazy, have the audacity to do it regardless.

I have been through A LOT in my life and according to stats, I shouldn’t have ever won.

I technically should be a loser, alcoholic, In jail, or dead with the life I lived early on, and what I was told.

But, when you don’t let others opinions or limitations Influence you,


Life isn’t hard.

People make it difficult.

Don’t be one of those people, especially..

to yourself.


Because, YOU CAN!!



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