Here Are Some Ideas On How You Can Make Sure Your Business Gets Seen

This is my serious attempt to clean out my email box from my hospital stay. My emails have a lot of great knowledge from people. I want to keep the knowledge and clean my inbox. So I came up with the idea to write a blog post on these emails. Done and done. I won’t forget to delete.

Safiyah asked this question when I opened my email.…

What flavor do you bring to your work? How do you find your personal style and how can you use it to make your business stand out?

This post will teach three very simple strategies that you can implement to

  • Find your unique voice in a crowded business market; aiding you in being your authentic self,
  • Build a ‘following’ by being yourself and
  • Inspire other people to do the same

As leaders, the most effective thing that we can engage in is truly getting to know ourself. It is sometimes amazing how many people go through life pretending to be someone else, or just never thinking about the person they are and the person they strive to be. This reflection helps us to easily identify personality traits that we wholeheartedly identify with and in our most natural state release them into our environments.

THIS IS SO TRUE. I run into so many that would rather go along to get along instead of living their authentic self and living meaningful lives. You will never influence the world trying to be like it. For example, I’ve said in several of my articles that a traditional 9 to 5er is not my thing. Am I saying that for other people? No. But because I don’t settle with the “popular” opinion of working for some one else, I face resistance.

You may be wondering how to begin this uncovering…read below and let’s get started.

  1. Start to reflect on your values and your passions. Thinking about the things that you value will help give life to those areas in your personality that you may have been suppressing. For example, if a high value of yours is honesty, you may want your brand to give off a “down to earth” or “keeping it real” feel; and that is totally ok because it is you.

Passions: Music. Acting. Modeling. Writing.

638 Primary Personality Traits

2. Once you have done the work to start to discover at least 5 personality traits that you can identify with, the next step is to become mindful and aware of how those traits “rub” others around you and adjust them situationally. Here-in lies the case for situational leadership and mindfulness. Situational leadership is sometimes defined in its most basic form to be appropriateness as a leader; so if you have a very comical personality, you still need to make sure that the situation you are in calls for that approach.

I’ve always noticed in school, while in my organizations, I wasn’t taken seriously as a leader and that was a pain in my side. They used to go to the male leaders instead of running it by me too. Maybe there was a little bit of gender bias there, I have no clue. But it pissed me off enough to make a few changes. It’s true that sometimes you have to leave one team to be a star player elsewhere.

This has changed since leaving my school days behind me, but I have learned not to be heartless, but to use my heart less.

The only way to know this concretely is to build your self — awareness by practicing reflective activities, journaling, meditating and other creative exercises. These exercises not only strengthen your self awareness, thereby making you more likable and easy to be around, but they are fun! …So enjoy them.

Yes! Will do!

3. The last step in bringing flavor to your work, is to just do it. People love authenticity and we have ways of “sniffing” out a phony. So, dress in ways that represent you, use language that you use with your friends (appropriately of course) and just be yourself. In the long run you will end up building a following and customer base that you actually like serving!

I have been told several times that I’m on a different wavelength than the people around me.

As much as I’d like my family and friends to support what I’m doing, I don’t think many of them are a part of my fanbase/customer base. I don’t want to say I stopped sharing what I’m doing with them, but I didn’t go on Facebook to invite them to my fanpages. If they go to them naturally, that’s cool. I have a tendency to pick a niche and go for it.

She also expressed to Ladypreneurs everywhere. Be Bold, Be You, Just Be, life is more fun that way =)

Oh she also gives a shoutout to James Altucher and fitness Guru Shawn Stevenson on the flavor that they bring to their podcasts. Their ‘flavor’ makes something ordinary sound VERY genius and appealing. This very concept is what makes some businesses memorable and others a distant memory. Thanks Safiyah! :)

Hello! I’m Alesha! I’m a musician, actress, entrepreneur and writer and recent hospital patient (I still can’t believe that is real). Follow on Twitter. If you like what I’m writing, give me a heart and share! :) I like hearts.

Howdy! Entrepreneurship, fitness, music, acting, real estate, tequila & investing is sexy. Idea for an article? Suggestions wanted!

Howdy! Entrepreneurship, fitness, music, acting, real estate, tequila & investing is sexy. Idea for an article? Suggestions wanted!