I’m not going to walk on eggshells because a few people out here don’t like what I write. There’s 1000s of Medium writers. If you don’t like it or it doesn’t resonate, don’t read, go elsewhere. I’m not going to change my style.

December 27th 2021

Right now, it seems harder than ever to make sense of the universe and your place in it. What’s the right way to move through a world as harsh as this one? When your energy is diminished by stress or uncertainty or grief, what’s left for you to offer the people you love? It’s easy to get bogged down as you search for clear answers that might not even exist. So this week, don’t try to figure it all out on your own. But if you think and argue and wonder in communion with others, instead of in isolation, you’ll find what you need.

WEEK OF January 10–1 6, 2022

As the Twin of the zodiac, you innately appreciate how much farther you can go when you work with others instead of against them. Cooperation is the name of your game by nature, and yet this Tuesday, January 11, an edgy square between aggressive Mars in your partnership realm and sensitive Neptune in your professional sector could drive up your competitive nature. Worse, even as you’re experiencing this, you might not understand what you’re feeling — or have words to express your emotions. You might also find yourself on the wrong side of someone else’s cutthroat behavior. Before you react, stop to tune in to exactly what your Spidey senses are telling you. Are you jealous of somebody’s success — or perhaps it’s the other way around? (I’m not the jealous sort, and there’s a lot of jealous people out here to answer your question) Is there a way to reconnect and share the “glory”? No, for the most part. Everyone has to find their lane, I’ve found mine and they will find theirs. (You can’t deny or pretend this away, Gemini, so you might as well feel it to its depths and say something to dissipate the agony. Search for a way to speak from your heart without hurting anyone’s feelings or coming off as defensive. (It’s a little too late for that, it’s not my job to please everyone. I’m not going to walk on eggshells because a few people out here don’t like what I write. There’s 1000s of Medium writers. If you don’t like it, don’t read, go elsewhere. Stop engaging my content, because in the end that is only leading me to more views and opportunities. I’m going to continue to be blunt.) On the plus side, this could set the stage for some hot chemistry with your person or, if you’re single, send you off in hot pursuit of a suitable co-conspirator! (222, please f**** stop with the romance shit already! It’s not for everyone.)

On Friday, chatty Mercury, your galactic guardian, launches into its first retrograde of the year, beginning its reverse commute in Aquarius and your outspoken ninth house (until January 25). Watch what you say, post, email or otherwise put out on the wire — the walls have ears and people have long memories! You might instantly regret it, but if you touch a nerve with someone, they may hold it against you. (I don’t care. I’m going to say what I want, within reason of course, I do put warnings on the top of some of my articles to say hey this one is deep/off the rails/whatever, read at your own risk) On the upside, this is a great chance to get something important off your chest — just pay attention to your tone (I’ve been more honest on my Facebook page with mostly of my family, especially when it comes to be transitioning to be a Indiana Hoosier . From there, the messenger planet will backflip into Capricorn and your seductive, mysterious eighth house, staying in reverse gear until February 3. If you’ve been obsessing over “the one that got away” — or is still in the picture — this retrograde could turn up the heat. But if it’s an ex who deserves to keep that designation, think long and hard before inviting them back into your (recovered) world. With your ruling planet back-pedaling through this emotionally intense chart sector, you could have a visitation from the green-eyed monster. What NOT to do? Anything sneaky! A breach of trust can permanently destroy a relationship. Attached? If any trouble bubbles up in paradise, schedule time to hash out mutually agreeable terms before things spiral out of control.

I notice that a lot of these are trying to push me in a relationship and I said I’m clearly not interested. See my fearful avoidant article for more details. I make a better cat lady.

Of course, you might feel like the decision is out of your hands on Sunday, when the luminous Sun and alchemical Pluto form their annual alignment in Capricorn and your smoldering, seductive and mysterious eighth house, where Pluto has been heating things up since 2008. Are you ready for an extreme life makeover, Gemini? Or would you settle for toe-curling action between the sheets (or sofa cushions)? Whether it’s your love life or your spiritual life that’s ripe for reinvention, Sunday’s stars can light the way. Anything smacking of the erotic or the exotic is on the table now, so if you’ve been carrying a secret or fantasy a little too long, this is your perfect moment to unleash and unload!

What other people think of me is none of my business. People will talk shit about you, and just let them talk.

Here’s a Story By Clinton Sparks:


I’ve always found it interesting that people tried so hard to be apart of what they think is cool based off of someone else’s definition of cool. ⠀

When I was in school, I did what I wanted. I dressed different, acted, joked and approached life different from everyone around me. I didn’t drink or do drugs and I hung out with everyone. ⠀

At this time, the “cool” kids, who I was also friends with would ridicule me and make jokes because I had on purple pants or hung out with other kids they frowned on. ⠀


It was cool to me. ⠀


Fast forward. All the kids that made fun of me, now admire, respect and pay me compliments for who I was and that I’ve remained the same. ⠀
They actually tell me how much respect they really had for my being me. ⠀

You see most of the time people front on you, don’t support or even hate on you is because they don’t have the balls to do it or the mind to think of what you do so, since they don’t get it or feel confident enough to do it too, they make fun of it and try to discourage you. ⠀


Why in the world would you ever let someone else’s opinion supersede your own about..⠀
What YOU feel.⠀
What YOU like.⠀
What YOU want to be.⠀

Times have changed since I was in school and so many more people accept one another’s cool now than ever before but still, so many others are depressed and sad wanting to be cool or accepted by what they think is, cool. ⠀
Stop trying so hard to be apart of someone else’s definition of cool. ⠀

What’s cool is being smart, being polite, having manners and respect for others.⠀

What’s cool is setting goals, helping others, listening and teaching, taking care of your kids. ⠀

What’s cool is being true to yourself, your uniqueness and not bending or compromising what interest you, makes you happy and enjoy doing because someone else thinks it’s not cool. ⠀

What’s cool is YOU. ⠀

-Clinton Sparks

We see the bad breaks, the person that left us out the set back as negative, but the truth is it was all necessary to become who we were created to be. -Strength From Above.

A lone flower still blossoms for it’s purpose is not looking around for admirers. So, stay true to yourself, your values, and your purpose.



Howdy! Entrepreneurship, fitness, music, acting, real estate, tequila & investing is sexy. Idea for an article? Input wanted! https://linktr.ee/aleshapeterson

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Alesha Peterson

Howdy! Entrepreneurship, fitness, music, acting, real estate, tequila & investing is sexy. Idea for an article? Input wanted! https://linktr.ee/aleshapeterson