How I Got 100,000 Streams On My Music In 2 Months Without Spending Money

Alesha Peterson
3 min readJan 8, 2023

Sometimes, it’s good to leave your life a little bit mysterious, and not always chant from the mountain tops everything you are doing all the time.

If I would have told people:

I’m going to have millions of views on Youtube one day. They would’ve said bullshit.

Soundcloud is the one popping off for me the most, at the time of this article.

It’s one of those things where it’s better to do it, let people see the results, then let them wonder later how you did it. And in some cases, have them eating crow.

So how did I do it? One of the biggest things I tell people is you got to get away from people that tell you that you can’t.

There’s people throughout the years that tried to do a number and go out their way to see to it I wasn’t successful in so many different ways. Jealousy is a b*tch (at this point, I have a lot of articles I’ve written about this). The way I took it was, there’s something in me that people are trying to stop for some reason, let this be fuel to my fire.

It would have been bad if I would have listened to them. No telling where I would be. Don’t listen to other people’s advice, especially if they haven’t achieved much themselves. They are telling you not to do it because they haven’t achieved it themselves, and don’t think you can do it. If they don’t have millions of Youtube views or not a millionaire themselves, it’s hard for them to picture you achieving that level of success.

What was helpful to me was spending time with people in different places outside my hometown that already have 100s of millions of views on Youtube. They are not seeing my success, goals, or ideas as threatening, because they are doing things of their own, got their own, and not worried that my success is taking from them, or me worried about their success taking from me. Get around people who are secure, been there and done that, and someone who doesn’t see your goals as intimidating. Or say things like “who do you think you are.”

I don’t care how crazy your dream might sound to the people around you, go for it. You will never know if you don’t try. You may fail, mess-up a couple of times, but this is part of the process. Or you may do really well (and this can come in different forms, sometimes it comes in slow and steady, other times it may come in faster. Or you might have one missing key and boom yours come in. Everyone’s path is different.).

Now lets be real.

My family and friends are not my main audience. Some of them may hop on, but they are my friends and family at the end of the day.

I realized this and stopped posting so much on my Facebook profile, Snapchat, Instagram stories with friends and family only. I decided to go to platforms where I could post and get an audience (i.e. Youtube). Then if I want to, I can circle back and tell my personal friends and family about it later.


I found that people I vibe with and people that matched my energy started coming to my YouTube(s). These strangers started posting comments regularly on my YouTube. Overtime, I watched my YouTube grow. These are my most loyal, dedicated Youtube fam.

I post regularly and schedule things out months in advance (including articles on Medium).

What I am not.

I don’t consider myself to be famous by any stretch of the imagination. I’ve found a method that personally works for me, that gets an audience.

What I am.

I’ve found my audience. You don’t have to be famous to earn a living (but if fame comes my way, I’ll ride the gravy train). I’m just gonna stay open to what life has in store for me next (whatever that is, I’m just going for it).

(especially Youtube) to millions of views.

Now which platform has the streams on it?



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