How To Support Creatives Without Paying A Dime

“I really wanted to support you, but I don’t have no money. ”

Hey creatives! I wrote an article on what to do if your loved ones keep treating your creative endeavors like a 9 to 5 job.

I added another one on why people hate on your success, and why you should be successful anyways.

Additionally, I wrote two “twinnies” on what to do when your family and friends don’t support you. And why they don’t support your music in the first place.

Version 1:

Version 2:

NOW. Let’s turn a new leaf.

Creatives, how many times have you heard this when you approach people with a project?

“I want to buy your music/product/online course but I don’t have the money.” 💰

How many times had you had to tell someone no yourself because your wallet is slim?

Fans, if you REALLY want to support someone despite being broke or low on funds, use these tips below and come up with your own. No money? No problem and no excuses!

Some of these you probably have heard of already! But let’s get started!

I. Share and Retweet on social media. It costs you nothing to post it on your Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and so on. There were many times when I shared my musician friend’s work on my Instagram story and Facebook page.

II. Comment. Let them know how much their work means to you. Then it will show up on your friend’s feeds.

III. Volunteer to be on their promotional team if they have one. Pass out flyers for their shows if the gig has flyers.

IV. Review their products on YouTube. Do a review of their music. Post these videos on Instagram, Twitter, Facebook and elsewhere.

V. Share products/classes/film/music on your friend’s Facebook walls. ASK FIRST. I forget which artist blew up by posting on friend’s Facebook walls.

VI. If you have t-shirt. Wear the creative’s merch. Casually bring it up in conversation regardless if you don’t have $ to get the shirt (omg this is a cool design). If you don’t have the $ to buy get someone else to buy their stuff.

VII. Talk about their upcoming shows/releases/art/products on social media. On the anniversary of your favorite indie release/major release, TALK ABOUT IT.

VIII. Have a guitar and can sing? Create a song on the subject. Or better still, cover their song.

VIIII. Can you draw? Draw your favorite creative. Post it. I’ve seen non famous people and famous repost drawings of them.

X. Create a free publication on a platform like medium. Start writing positive blog posts about your favorite creatives.

XI. Imitation is the best form of flattery. Dress like your favorite creative during Halloween, and conventions like Gen Con, Comic Con, etc. You will be amazed how many people ask for a picture. When people ask, tell them about the creative. Ask them to tag both you and the creative in them.

XII. Screen Name. You can say SteveBelloFan89 in a video game. Name yourself after your favorite creative in the video game word. In Fortnite, millions could potentially see you. In tournaments, many can see you.

XIII. Subscribe and watch their youtube videos. Creatives get paid by Youtube when you watch their videos. I started watching Colleen Ballinger during Gen Con week. I love her videos, how honest she is, and her vunerabilty. She’s a new favorite. It costs me nothing to watch Youtube videos. It costs you nothing to watch Youtube videos. So watch and subscribe.

XIV. Create social media fan accounts. Post weekly or daily about your favorite creatives. Ya know Taylor has invited people to secret listening parties by being dedicated.

XV. Find other like-minded fans of your subject and create meetsups and socials. Influence others to join by doing cool stuff! Could go into the money column if you start going to things that cost money. There’s plenty of free things to do if you look hard enough.

XVI. Inbox, tweet, or email them to see what they need. You might be surprised on how they respond. Ariana inboxes certain fans her songs before anyone else and asks for feedback. You never know what this will lead to.

XVII. Make a photo collage of younger photos/films, older photos/films, especially if they are performers.

XVIII. This should be obvious but I’ll mention it anyways: Write fan letters. If you don’t have money to mail, inbox to them over Facebook, Twitter (if available) or Instagram. Or do a letter video!

XIX. Come up with your own choreography from the film/music from your creative. Involve others around you if possible (or go solo).

XX. Another obvious one: If you ever get to meet in person, tell them how their work impacted your life.

XXI. Defend your creative if anyone says something wrong or reports inaccurate information. This is a big one because depending on how famous they are, they sometimes won’t say anything.

Ones I’ve come up with on the fly.

  • I’ve auditioned with my friend’s music. It costs me nothing. It’s a subtle way of exposing the music to casting directors and my audience without begging someone to listen.
  • Use their music, designs, art, products, etc in film, school or work projects ( as always, ask first). That music you hear before the presentation starts is a great place to hang up artwork and play the music.
  • During Gen Con, I met people and brought up the creative’s products in conversation.
  • During workshops before the presentation starts showcase their art/product/work.

Thank you to Math World on the Roman Numerals. Sometimes I wasn’t sure which one I was on.

Bonus Article Within An Article.

Happen to have some change and want to support?

Here’s How You Support Creatives With Paying Your Dues!

Buy your favorite creative dinner like this!

Support your friend’s progression and work like you support the celebrities that you don’t know.

Sidenote: I know someone who spent $1000 on a Ariana Grande meet and greet but wouldn’t pay $20 for a local act. I love me some Ariana and the local act. I did both to make a point. You can support MANY local acts with $1000.

So let me repeat this. SUPPORT your friend’s progression and work like you support the celebrities that you don’t know.

A. Buy the creatives' products (music, classes, merch, workshops, books, live shows, etc) I can’t emphasize that enough.

  • Leave them alone so they can continue creating.
  • Give without expecting nothing in return. Life is easier this way. I promise. If you get appreciation great. But don’t bug them millions of times saying that you posted their stuff. If they see it great, if they don’t, don’t worry about it or pester.

B. Donate. They would appreciate after reading their blog, viewing their artwork online that you donate to their Paypal or Patron.

C. Review the products. Get Facebook/YouTube Ads to advertise your reviews.

D. Hang up posters, buttons and stickers on cars, office walls (if you can), and on side of buses.

E. Buy billboards. Especially in tourist heavy places like Time Square.

F. Buy their yearly memberships if they have one.

G. Sponsor a concert or sponsor a cause in the creative’s name. Or buy something and put their name on it. When they open the brochure they will see the name splashed all over the place. Curious minds will Google it and bingo!

H. Have a fundraiser. Like Scooter Braun did for Kamala Harris.

I. Have a live performance at your house or venue nearby. If you want let them film a project at your office/residence. This will help them financially because it costs to film.

J. Can you re-create your creative in a video game, board game and create a plot ? Draw a portrait of your creative, plot, story line, and then create them in your video game. This could go in the freebie column, but if you are a game designer that creates video game it starts to cost.

K. If you are a die-hard ride or die fan, get tattoos of your creatives. Many fans of sport teams and famous people show their loyalty and dedication by tatting it up.

L. Buy a cake or cupcake. Get the album cover/film/logo as the decoration and post everywhere.

M. If they appear in music or film festivals, go to them and watch their projects. If they appear on Broadway or off Broadway, go and clap yo ass off for them during the clapping parts. (Just don’t yell during the actual performance, that could be distracting to the cast and the audience surrounding them).

N. If you have a restaurant business, create a food in honor of them.

O. Send them a Teddy Bear, unique item and/or fan letter with some sort of goodies if you can. Like a care package. Make sure you know what foods or gifts they like. Usually you can find a fan address in their Youtube description.

P. Sew or them a blanket if you have this skill. Create hats, gloves or even coats for them to wear!

Q. Donate to their favorite causes, especially if they are hosting a fundraiser.

R. If they are comfortable with this, take them out to breakfast, lunch or dinner. If you can, do it more than once. Everyone loves food. (Including yours truly.)

S. If you are allowed, draw your creative or their work on the side of a building or car (ASK FIRST haha). Paint start to cost unless you have it already, so I put it in this section!

T. I

U. Need

V. Your

W. Help

X. Coming Up With

Y. 7 more

Z. Ideas! LOL.

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