I Don’t Understand Why I Was Expected To Be Friends With These People

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Hey There! My name is Alesha! This was technically supposed to be my 16th post. Oh well. As I was posting, I found a whole slew of posts I missed from my 1st blog post. So I started over lol. You might read a few of my posts twice. I was trying to honor where I started after getting on Medium and whoops. In order to clearly understand my story, it’s best to read these in this order. It’s almost like reading chapter 4 then jumping to 15 lol. More in likely another mistake will happen. I even tried waking up at 4 am to play catch up haha. These group of posts are from my school days, a period of my life I really don’t talk about. I’ve noticed that many people throughout my life always expected me to take the high road and “let God handle it”. So if I sat in a street, and asked God to move me, it will happen right? NO. I would get my butt up and move before the speeding car comes lol. I disagree and I speak up for myself! Occasionally in college, I had to figuratively stick my foot up a few asses, and people were surprised. I probably should have done this more in my organizations. If I was there today, trust me I would (and I’m have no plans in going back). Whoa, “she’s small, I didn’t expect that out of her.” As usual, they mistake my kindness for weakness. I’m nice but I’m no one’s damn doormat. P.S. I wrote this with the voice so trust me it’s bound to have mistakes haha.

I don’t understand why I was expected to be friends with people like this. (If you catch a mistake with this let me know. I wrote this with my voice aka a recorder and it wrote it down.)

The first girl we’ve known each other since we were both little and she had personal issues which included her parent passing away at an early age. I can’t imagine what that feels like And ever since she started treating me really mean and always try to compete with me even though there was no game to compete in. I’m sorry that her parent passed away at the early age but it wasn’t my fault. He was taking it out on me. My mom told me not to sink down to her level, and thought me around 2nd grade? one time we were at my cousins 1st birthday party and she tried to get my cousin to pick her over me instead of playing together. My cousin picked me because we have a closer relationship and she got really mad when she was the one that started in the first place. I was trying to get us to play all together. She has a younger nephew and I would never ask her nephew to pick me over her. That’s stupid. What’s crazier is I had members of my own family defend her and say that everything was my fault when I didn’t start it. My mom stepped in to stop the mess. That was in like 2nd, 3rd grade? There’s family members that are just now realizing they were never good friends in the first place. what’s even more interesting there’s family members are still friends with these people. I hope they wake up and smell the coffee one day. Fast forward to high school. This girl asked to shadow me and really had no intention of coming to my high school. She was doing it to keep up with me and try to figure out what classes I’m taking. I didn’t have to do it but I was the bigger person here and I said sure. I knew we had some pretty interesting history so I knew what I was dealing with. this girl had the audacity to pick me but whatever I was really nice to her. She decided not to go there but one time her grandmother ran into my mom. Her grandmother said a comment like I’m glad “she doesn’t have to go there because she doesn’t have to wear uniform like your daughter does.” A little bit after she said that comment her school required her to wear uniforms. I didn’t do anything to her because they did it to themselves. I could keep going but I was going to move on to story 2.

This girl really tried to hook on to me around 6 grade. We were friends before that but she left school and came back. Ok I’m going to try to keep this as simple as I can well basically they wanted to use us for information to boost their popularity and make people think they knew everything when they didn’t know anything. the girl’s mother really tried to hang around my mother because my mom had information. When my mom told her something he will tell other people taking a credit for it and in turn making herself the ringleader to the other parents and not give me my mother credit for the information.I also found out that she was spreading rumors amongst the other girls in the class and all around the school. If you read my other post I do mention that these girls were jealous acting. They were never really good friends in the first place. So they were looking for things on me to get back at me with. So unfortunately she did have audience that found it really thrilling to knock someone down. I have a few true friends from this period of my life and I definitely know who they are. how I set her up was I told her things I told no one else. Absolutely no one else knew. And I got around school anyways. How stupid did she think I was? I mean she had no clue that I knew she was doing it but that was my secret and that’s what I used to my advantage.

Fast forward to high school. Yes we went to same high school you’re probably thinking oh my gosh. I kept my distance and I also kept my distance from a good portion of my grade school class mates. I knew them already and I want to get to know other people and involve myself in other organizations. I’m going to think of how I can put this. But basically I was expected to be her social chair person and I’m not sure why. Everyone else made their own way for themselves. No one else blames me for why their social life turned out the way it did. this girl did everything that she can try to do to me to sabotage me before. Why include her in my social circles so she can try to sabotage me again? stupid once shame on them stupid twice shame on me. I wasn’t going to risk it. I was always nice to her but I also kept my distance because I know she was dangerous and no one around there understood that because she didn’t treat them the way she treated me. According to teachers in the school, I was a popular kid. I will place a bet on it if she was in that same position she would have use that power to try to turn people against me. Me and the teacher had a off the record conversation. My name was mentioned and apparently she was having a hard time. What I said is look, check this out. I’ve known her for a long time. Since we were both little. She tried to sabotage me in grade school. I’m always nice to her but I don’t trust her. I’ve seen her come to some of the organizations I’m in and try out to try to keep up with me. I think the bigger issue is she needs to find out who she is. I will never understand why she wants to keep up with me so much.

I’ve even had some of my own friends try to convince me to hang out with her. I told them why I don’t hang out with her and they didn’t respect where I was coming from and it showed. She has events all the time without inviting me. And I did not get upset or boo hoo or trip because she didn’t invite me (like my life can’t go on without her in it). The bottom line is I did not care and I had too much going on to care. however when I had an event, I was expected to include her in it. To this day I do not understand why people expected me to be so accommodating towards her.

Wait a minute people it gets even better. There is an event to be held for graduating seniors everybody in the whole school is there pretty much. Staff, alumni, parents you name it. Well maybe not the juniors and sophomores but you get the point. My mom overheard her family tell this girl that don’t worry about “I didn’t get in my first choice either.” (So many people are trying to get me to tell them what college I wanted to go to. I kept quiet because there so many people that did not get in their first choice. The pressure was on and I’m happy I didn’t fall for it.) She said “Alesha, you should have seen the look on their faces when they announced your name, the schools you got in to, and that I got a scholarship. I wish I had a camera because that picture Ive would’ve taken would have spoke more than a thousand words. Success is the best revenge, this was the best revenge, ultimate icing on the cake. I didn’t to say anything to them because it was announced and the whole school said it for me.” Once again trying to get at me they end up getting themselves and hanging them selves with the rope. This girl spent so much time trying to knock me down that is ultimately came back to haunt her. She had her 5 minutes of fame in grade school with that audience but not anymore. Seriously though if she spent all the time that she spent on trying to destroy me on herself, then she would find her gifts and talents.

My mom told me something early again that really stuck with me. Sometimes you see things that other people around you don’t see’t see. I’m teaching you things that a lot of kids your age don’t know yet. So you’re ahead of your time. Use your smarts and maturity to help people out don’t ever use it to down people. While you know already these people aren’t great friends, there’s people around you that don’t know how bad they are. There might be times you find yourself at a disadvantage because you’ve been there and done that and they haven’t been there and done it. There might be times where people don’t understand you. Years down the line they might realize they’re not good friends. Maybe. Some people go through their whole lives not being able to see what some people do or see people for who they really are. whatever you do not spend a lot of time trying to get back at people. I am NOT saying that to defend yourself use your common sense and pick your battles accordingly. You give them enough rope they would do it to themselves. Also, dont use the power you’re given to abuse people with it. Be responsible. I do not regret teaching you these things now but keep these things in the back your mind as you go through life. And yes mommy I have!!!!! When I become a mom I hope I can be a good parent to my kids like you are to me. I hope I can teach them the valuable things you taught me. I’ll need your help on the college part shit I hope my kids are smarter than me in that sense.

Very few people have gotten to this point with me. My friends and bros know I love them. But there were a few toxic people in my life that I’ve kept in the past. I don’t understand why I was expected to be friends with people that went out of their way to make my life miserable.

My friends in high school didn’t see it because these people didn’t treat them the way they treated me. What makes people like this so dangerous is that they believed what these gossip spreading girls said. I’m here to say for the record that I’m damn straight was never scared these girls, but I have friends who also like to play both sides of the fence which made me question how genuine a friends they were to me. I was never the sort of friend that told people pick me or pick them but they were never really loyal and in my opinion they were really jealous acting. People change and people grow up but at the same time there’s somethings you shouldn’t do. I have forgiven them but it’s hard to trust them when I did things like that. And I have friends in my life now that would never treat me the way they treated me. In fact I thank them for loving me, I do some strange things which include get on roller coasters that scare me. I wish very best in life. But I’ll continue on the path I’m on, we should move forward not being friends. I doubt my mind on that will change. I’ll stay far away from you if you give me reason to. I’m not that way with too many people but they did things to me that would never do the people I love. Miracles do happen, but I’m not sure if I can trust them again. And on top of that I would have to always watch my back and worry about them turning people against me. Love doesn’t hurt. I even talked to the pastor about it once and I told them I’m not a cliquish person. But if I leave someone out it’s because they are more trouble than its worth and I don’t like spreading gossip. If they’re spreading gossip on other people there spreading gossip about me then too. There’s too much good the world to be dealing with people like that. I don’t understand why was expected to deal with mean people like this or be nice to people that really treated me like complete shit.

I’ll never understand why I was expected to be friends with these people. With friends like this I don’t need enemies.

This post is my very first post that I spoke to and it recorded it since I have a new IPad. Yay no hands. Well very little.

I got the most funny sayings from writing this. I have no clue where autocorrect or the recorder got these from. I think these would make great future posts. Haha.

Princess east= parentheses
Autocorrect where did you get on “ends east from” haha
Low oil=Loyal
Cliquish=be quick is the beastie for mark allen is worth
hey could a kiss kind of person
Mark Allen is worth=More trouble than its worth
Gas up, got up=Gossip
Very first post: Dan Up
re kana hooked onto me around 5th gradel kinda took down to me around (WHAT in the world).

Credit in for intern

I give in my moms credit card information. (No way)

I hope it still avaiable things you taught me

Infect me in a teacher off record conversation about it. (My iPad has a dirty mind)
I’ve seen each other joints in the clubs I’m currently in (Future hit song haha)
I’ll let you know if this pad comes up with anymore song lyrics, LOL.


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Howdy! Entrepreneurship, fitness, music, acting, real estate, tequila & investing is sexy. Idea for an article? Suggestions wanted! https://bit.ly/AleshasTribe