I Got The Covid-19 Vaccine

Here’s a transparent post on how it’s making me feel in the first few days. It’s calmed my nerves, but…….


I love that I got it to protect myself from Covid-19.

Throughout this pandemic, my nerves go up when people get too close to me. My peace of mind will come back.

The plastic face shield gave me a huge peace of mind during the pandemic. I don’t want to catch nothing in my eyes either. After I’m fully immunized, I’m gonna give the plastic face shield a break-it’s breaking off my hair. As I told my stylist, my hair and my acting roles will come back. I want to live and avoid Covid-19.

One of my favorite uncle passed from it, and I thought of him as I got my shot. I’ve known people that had it and I don’t want to know what it’s like.

A nurse was like: You got O Blood Type. You’re young (30s), even if you get it you won’t get it like other people in high risk groups. (FYI she doesn’t know my full history haha). BUT my thing is I don’t want to say “HEY COVID COME AND GET ME” either. I want to give myself the best fighting chance. Even if that’s true, I don’t want to give Covid no chance. Stay the hell away from me.

When I got the email saying I can get it, it made my day.

When I actually got it yesterday (3/20/2021), I felt nothing. Just a little pinch.


As I write this, I have a fever. I’m not a fan of being sick or slowing down. I really want to workout tomorrow. I may have to bring my card with me so people know it’s the shots raising my body temp, not the virus itself.

I got to get another follow-up shot on the day I was supposed to celebrate my cousin’s heavenly 21st. During the pandemic I haven’t been going out to bars because I don’t want to risk it. I miss my bar buzzards. I’ll be back soon enough. If it’s gonna make me feel like this I might have to delay.

I have noticed that my nerves has been going up. I haven’t figured out if the chest discomfort is from the shot, me doing newer chest workouts or sleeping on the couch.

And yes, I even got a comment saying why I shouldn’t get a Covid-19 vaccine after posting that I got one. I don’t feel that good and don’t have the energy to respond. And even if I was feeling ok, I still wouldn’t respond to it. I made up my mind to get the vaccine a long time ago, just like you made up your mind not to get yours.

My journey to hugging my friends and family again continues!

It’s 2021!

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