I Have Little Interest In Being A Celebrity

My journey on being non famous in a viral and numbers obsessed world.

I’m in several different industries that could make me or my friends working in this famous or semi famous at anytime. Oh my lawdz. I hang out with my friends plenty. Being more of a loner side of things, I hate the idea of people watching my every move. I had a preview of it when backstabbing girls when through hell and high water to be my friend. And counted how many pictures I was in for the school yearbook.

I hated it and wondered when are these motherf***** going to get a life? If this is the universe’s way of showing me of what being a celeb is like, I respectfully want to put it off as long as possible.

Keanu Reeves is my secret spirit animal. Be nice but keep many folks at a distance.


  • You get special treatment. You won’t have to wait to get into bars, get preferential treatment at restaurants. You get front row tickets at award shows, VIP, free tickets, and imagine if you are a kid of a famous person. No wait to get in that daycare center. If so and so kid(s) go there it gets more business for them. How about being the kid of a famous person and getting bookings?
  • By name dropping your name, your entourage or friends can get special treatment or huge followings on social media. I’ve seen this happen with my very eyes and have been friends with people who are friends with famous folks.
  • Look on television. You could pay your way or your kids way into college. Or get away with crimes. Or get a slap on the wrist and go to prisons that allow you to come and go as you please. (Luxury prisons exist for those who have the $).
  • You have major influence over people, especially your fan bases. In some instances you can influence pop culture with your posts on social media or impact a whole generation with your music or projects. Think Home Alone, Harry Potter, Twilight, Friends, Big Bang Theory and more.
  • If some one picks on you and you happen to be a huge celeb? Imagine having millions of people defend you. The Beyhive, the Swifties, The Believers (spelled this wrong), The Arianators, and many more are nothing to play with. Those are wildfires you won’t beable to put out easily. If you are ever on the receiving end of their rath, good luck.
  • The items that you create or wear can sell quickly. In other words, the jeans that everyone else buys for $200 you will get for free because designers know if you wear it, your millions of followers will want it because you are wearing it.
  • According To Reel Rundown, fame means money, power and prestige. Endorsement deals with big name brands, sponsorships, big name collaborations are easy.
  • People assume that you are smart because of the position you are in.

Amanda has been definitively acquitted in court, but in the popular imagination she is still guilty because she has been the victim of a barbaric media trial.”

“While on trial for a murder I didn’t commit, my prosecutor painted me as a sex-crazed femme fatale, and the media profited for years by sensationalizing an already sensational and utterly unjustified story,” she wrote. “It’s on us to stop making and stop consuming such irresponsible media.” Amanda Knox (quoted on Washington Post & Medium)


  • It can bring out the worst in people. (See Taylor Swift, Scooter Braun, Scott Brochcetta. Jesus that was a mess.)
  • Taylor and Scooter drama. In 24 hours, the internet blew up with this fiasco. (As an artist, I would be pissed that my artistical legacy is in someone else’s hands. There’s different sides to the story, but my impression is she didn’t have the chance to acquire her masters from her 1st 6 projects unless she stayed with Big Machine under their terms. The acquiring process to Ithaca (Scooter Braun) from Big Machine (Scott Brochcetta) took time, and I’m thinking it took place without Taylor’s knowledge. Different sources say that Taylor’s dad knew about the deal and also pocketed some change from it. She didn’t have the chance to bid on her own work basically. But Scooter is no dummy. There’s a reason why he’s so successful. Accomplished in his own right via Ithaca LLC, SB Projects. The brains behind Justin Bieber and Ariana Grande. This is a smart business move. Taylor is a very established & successful artist with a catalog of enduring pop hits. Her songs will make money for years to come and will continue to make pop history. Accomplished artist who’s has billions of views and millions of album sold+GOLD MINE. Scooter saw this once in a lifetime opportunity. He has secured his financial future by acquiring this treasure chest. Taylor got burned in this one, Scooter won.

From my Facebook Post: This is why I haven't signed anything.
I love music but this industry can be so dirty.

Scott Borchetta (Big Machine) & Braun are friends and business partners. A+B=C. You do the math.

Taylor got burned on this one. Still wealthy. Scooter won. Still wealthy. Smart business move. He’s the hottest executive for a reason.

I like em both.

READ your contracts. Own your masters. In fact just get a entertainment attorney. There's a tendency to sign away at the beginning just to make it in and to get money. I pissed off many because I said no.

  • You realize from beefs that there’s sides in the industry. When you collab with someone, somebody else on another team will think you throwing shade. In the perfect world every one is on the same team, as Cara Delevingne pointed out.
  • You don’t know what people’s intentions are. Do they want to be your friend for who you are or what you got?
  • People believe what they see and hear on social media, magazines or TV. People take everything at face-value and don’t draw their own conclusions. Is that celeb really a mean person, or is that magazine getting paid to say that just to sell the magazines, get high ratings and lots of likes?
  • People think your kids are their kids and judge your parenting skills. Mom shame is at an all time high.
  • Stalkers. People try to figure out where you live to climb in your windows. Standing at the foot of your bed or taking a bath in your home is violating.
  • People forget that you are human and are subject to the same emotions. You make one mistake and sometimes it can be difficult to come back from. Or people come down on you harder thinking you are supposed to be perfect. Or worst, make fun of you when something bad happens to you.
  • People put you on a pedestal they wouldn’t put themselves on, and expect things from you that they can’t give themselves. Fame may make you well-known but it doesn’t necessarily make you the best role-model. People will say they look up to you, but would they say the same thing if you weren’t famous?
  • People don’t respect your privacy and space. People could take photos of you while you are out to make money. Your relationships or who they think you are in a relationship with is talked about on entertainment shows, magazines or social media.
  • You can be unfairly blamed for something you didn’t do or have no control over. It’s guilty before proven innocent.
  • People love to read negative articles and press. Being a celebrity puts this on overdrive. People hate to see you do something they aren’t doing, so seeing you, a celebrity screw-up and even make normal human mistakes makes them feel better about themselves. They blow shit out of proportion, and try to fix windows that isn’t broken. They can make up stories on you just to get sales, and like Amanda Knox says, get consumers to consume at any costs, even at the detriment of your life. They have no consideration for your feelings and they don’t care.
  • They are quick to drag you, but slow to praise you. They expect you to be perfect when they are not themselves.
  • You might be having a bad/off day and people take it too personally. You might not want to take a picture while walking around publicly. Then write something bad about you.

How do I know this? (Stolen from my Indianapolis Scene Post)

  • I got local buzz in a hometown magazine. They didn’t want to put me on the cover because they didn’t want people coming to my high school. I wasn’t a worldwide sensation with global fame at that point so I didn’t get what the deal was. I didn’t get into the hype.
  • I’ve worked with famous people, friends of celebs, celebs, A through Z listers, wealthy folks, and so on. I sign a lot of non-disclosure agreements. Generally speaking, because I keep my trapped closed and don’t name drop, (see food posts on Instagram) I get bookings this way. I might not make the final cut on a project nor do I care, but the relationships formed behind the scenes are heavenly. (Paycheck good too, incase you are wondering. Food on set IS THE BEST. OH MY SHIT IT’S GOOD).
  • Literally being steps from stardom (meaning in the same room as famous folks), fame is like high school. You have cliques, the jocks, the nerds, the outcasts, the popular crowd (A-listers), and so on. You have people wanting to be around you for what you have, not being who you are. I watch people treat you like your shit don’t stink. People come at you at all angles.
  • Being a Catholic school girl and watching how they treat people with money and without money growing up, I got a insider view of how fake others can be. After all, do you pay attention to your parishioners who have the money to keep the lights on and kiss their butt? Or do you listen to people that don’t have as much? They made it clear that you only mattered if you had deep pockets. And yes my old church definitely ate out of the rich people’s hands at the time. Probably still do.
  • Fame is not something I’m going after. I have little interest in being a celebrity with people wondering what I’m doing. If it’s in the cards for me, fine. Fame has it’s perks, sure. I had some confide in me off record that it’s hard to trust and you really don’t know people’s real intentions when you are famous. Being someone who doesn’t trust easily, I resonated quickly. And being someone who likes to keep my private life private, I hate the idea of people asking about my relationship, and trying to hook me up with any Tom, Dick and Harry that they can find. People try to hook me up anyways, and I’m not famous. I get chased down and personally do not like it (I wish it stop because no one is going to make me do something I don’t want to do.) And expecting me to make a mountain out of a molehill. I’m not a reform school and I can’t make gold by digging out of the trash can. I reveal so much about different areas of my life that this area is off limits. F*** that. I got a spin off article on that subject, keeping my private life private.
  • In the rare case that I do become a celebrity, I’ll be a loner that parties occasionally. Geez.

My thing is..

  • I’m used to people taking shit behind my back and trying to tear me down. My secrets and I were sold down the river to get candy (no joke), to become popular, to get friends, to get good jobs and more. I have stories for days. I’m not the jealous type, I’m not a gossip queen or troublemaker, and I have a tendency to keep to myself. My schools over the years were full of backstabbers. Especially grade school. I don’t care if the conversation is good or bad because that means I’m relevant. I prefer to be left out of the conversation if possible.
  • You will never reach your destination if you stop and throw stones at every dog that barks. Not everyone wants to see you succeed, and some people do start to feel small because they don’t think they can compare to your accomplishments. I got the impression especially in Indy that many people loved to see you fail. When people in my life passed away, I noticed more people distancing themselves instead of being there. I secretly tested others to see where they stand. Some were like “they just didn’t know what to say,” just to make up an excuse for them. Just be honest and say they were probably happy to see that happen to me, and they want to see how far from grace you can fall to make fun of you. Sounds awful but I’ve come across more cutthroats in Indianapolis than a lot of other places.
  • I hate the boyfriend question. Period. I posted that I was engaged for a April Fool’s Day Joke and more people got in touch with me thinking it was real. More on this later, but we are too relationship obsessed and think it’s so cute. Thank you to June Breux and Natalie Brooke for writing these articles.
  • Third, I try hard not to burn bridges, (and some relationships don’t work out) but I have because the boyfriend question was asked by guys I have zero interest in at past record labels. If a guy Indianapolis artist ever gets famous and talks s*** about me on a show, know that they didn’t get to hit the eight ball in the quarter pocket. They angry they didn’t get any. I made my stance very clear that I wasn’t there for their amusement, I was there to record music. I’ve had to be a b***** and distance myself to make myself clear.
  • Nobody tells me what to do. For example, If I ever have kids and someone tries to judge me or mom shame me? I won’t care and I’ll continue to do what I want whenever I want.
  • In the rare case that I do become a celebrity, I’ll be a loner, to reconnect with my friends to go out. Turn my phone off. Geez. I’ll contact my spiritual guide and go on those retreats in India.
  • I’m not crazy obsessed over number of likes, followers or comments over my posts. Gary Vee came up with a good point. We are wayy too obsessed over posting things based on what other people like, instead of posting what we genuinely like. Just post it and don’t worry about the numbers.

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