I Need To Do More Research

I came across a great email and great message by Ippei.

I do disagree with one small part.

The problem is, we’ve been programmed since young in schools that retaining information from textbooks was the key to success.

We’ve been taught to stay inside the box. To follow a regime dictated by others.

Although that leads to academic success, did we ever stop & ask ourselves: Does that really lend well to achieving massive financial success in the real world?

Yet why do very few people become entrepreneurs?

Plain and simple, its fear.

“Let me do more research” is basically your fear speaking.

Yes school teaches us how to follow a path to be employable, not how to be wealthy. Check. I definitely got that memo.

Here’s that part I’ll blaze my own trail on.

I will admit that I’ve been a research person and come across some business models that actually work for me. Anytime an “opportunity” shows up and they require me to act immediately, I become wary of them. As many disclaimers will tell you, not everyone will make as much money or any money like the people from the testimonials. You may make more, some, little or none.

There’s so many “gurus” out there and not all of them are created equally. You have to pick who you learn from carefully. Many people pay attention to the message, but not the messenger that delivers the message. Choose your people you learn from wisely. Just because they made money in it, doesn’t mean you will. Just because you made money in it, doesn’t mean they will. One size doesn’t fit all. People’s life experiences, effort, work ethic all plays an important role. I’ve been on the phone with more people interested in selling me something to get money for themselves instead of providing a product that would really change my life.

Maybe they have a vacation they want to take that month, or a income goal that they are trying to reach.

When you been in this long enough, you can quickly tell the difference. They start asking questions/saying things like:

Why are you letting fear hold you back?

There’s no one out here like me.

I can get you money in 24 hours.

You’re not a real entrepreneur if you don’t take action now.

A year from now you will be in the same place.

You’re not taking action.

You are letting fear dictate your life.

Let me know which pitches I missed.

I can tell when I’m getting sold to and someone is trying to buy me. If you read enough of my articles, you know I don’t trust easy. My alarm bells go off and if a person gives me a reason to get out of dodge city, I will. I appreciate connecting with like-minded people, but it doesn’t automatically mean I’m going to buy anything.

I usually buy courses or products when they aren’t pushy or desperate for a sell-regardless if I buy or not we walk away friends. Nothing is going to change my life overnight.

The pitch and sell proposal was stronger than my Mexican Tequila shot I had at 21.

She was like:

Why do you have me on the phone if you have no intention in buying?

I told her that I was exploring my opportunities, and I told her that I don’t have to buy anything if I don’t want to. I don’t have no obligation or sworn allegiance to her. After that she backed off. Some of these so called gurus are vultures and you absolutely have to stand up for yourself and make it clear that you are not buying upfront if it’s not your intention. You don’t have to buy anything if you don’t want to.

I get tons of emails daily, and in a two week period, I remember having scheduled calls twice a day everyday.

Money is a medium of exchange, and while everyone needs to earn a living, you don’t want the relationship to be purely transactional-the only time you reaching out is when you have something else for them to buy. Then you have the people who just reach out to ask you how’s it going? Or the people that say it’s ok that you didn’t buy, I still want to get to know you as a person.

No matter how enticing it sounds, I never let anyone pressure me to buy anything right off the bat. More in likely, the opportunity will come back. (And it has, forex and MLM opportunities still come to me weekly, even the ones I declined. ).

If it’s really on my mind, and I really like it when I first heard it, I’ll be back for it. Done this several times and it all worked out in the end. In fact, in doing research, I’ve even found better alternatives than the original offer, which meant the original person lost out on a sale. Whoops.

That tells you that from what he has seen over and over again that prevents people to succeed is their inability to take action.

Becoming successful has nothing to do with your IQ levels.

There’s no correlation between high IQ and high income.

Most people fail to take action because they allow FEAR to dictate their life.

If you find yourself in that quagmire of not making any progress in life, and you tend to over analyze things and constantly find yourself doing more and more research.

It’s critical for you to become more self-aware of yourself and dig a lil’ deeper into seeing what’s causing you to procrastinate?

On a deeper level you’re afraid.

Let’s be strong enough to be real with ourselves.

And call it what it is.

It’s fear.

But if you allow fear to lead the ship, that ship leads to a life of quiet desperation.

It leads to a life of unfulfilled potential.

It leads to a life of regrets like that beach bum that Josh talked to in Miami.

There is a rite of passage to becoming an entrepreneur.

We must be able act in spite of fear.

That’s what makes a human being great. Our ability to act in spite of our fight or flight responses.

This is exercising courage.

Your courage is what’s going to ultimately separate you from the masses.

Its courage & grit that’ll allow you to be above average, to attain extra-ordinary results in life.

The beach bum story he’s referring to is below.

Sure it takes courage and grit, but

Photo Credit Goes To Josh, Ippei, and

As far as making money in 24 hours?

I would much rather someone tell me that here’s the system that we use, and it’s gonna take work, then tell me some crap that I’m going to make money in 24 hours. No way Jose.

It’s gonna take work.

“It’s gonna take work" is the phrase I’m looking for on calls.

I prefer to do the work. The income streams I have today didn’t come from me making money 24 hours later. It came from learning first.

The cold harsh truth (and final finishing thoughts)

Not everyone is going to become millionaires off the product/course or get the Instagram picture luxury lifestyle. Some people may just get $600 dollars in extra income a month to help themselves out. Some may make more, some may make less. Sometimes it may not work out at all.

When getting pitched if it sounds too outrageous I’m running like the wind bullseye. I have walked away from more opportunities then I can shake a stick at.

On the other hand, I’ve found courses for under $100 that had more of an impact than the courses that cost thousands of dollars.

Being an entrepreneur is not easy and it’s not for the faint of heart.

When selling a course or product I’m straight up honest. Not pushy or sleaze balls saley. I personally mention:

  • If you are struggling to pay bills, it’s best if you buy my products at a later time. If you think this is going to change your money situation overnight it won’t. A business is not like a job-you are not going to get paid by how many hours you work-it’s more about the value that you can provide. I sometimes think a mindset shift needs to happen when making the jump from employee to entrepreneur. Repeat. You cannot approach your business like you are an employee.
  • This is not a magic pill or a get rich quick scheme. It’s going to take work. You’re not going to be able to buy a yacht next week.
  • TIMING IS KEY. I found that it might not be the right time for some people. Some difficult life circumstances may keep some from focusing . Others may have some life lessons to learn or some life to live.
  • The product might not be a good fit, and it’s best if you send them elsewhere and part as friends. (some gurus know this upfront and will still dishonestly sell someone something just for the money anyways instead of taking that step.) Some customers isn’t the best fit for your business and are more trouble than it’s worth. Trust that in some situations it’s best to walk away from the money.

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