If Only You Could Know How Much I Need You

A poem I saw in a card in a small store years ago.

I’ve had this written down in my notebook for years. I don’t want to accidently lose it.

I wrote letters to a future significant other/boyfriend/husband once. And gathered poems. Since I don’t ever plan on marrying, it’s all yours.

If only you could know how much I need you.

How I can’t imagine life without your love.

You’re the partner I’ve always searched for.

You’re the soulmate I was always dreaming of.

If only you could know how much I want you.

How the hours we’re together all alone in our own romantic paradise as close as two can be are the sweetest hours my hearty has ever known.

If only you could know how much I love you.

More than anyone has ever loved before.

I can only hope I’ll find the ways to show you that with everyday we share I love you more.

You’re a miracle to me, a special gift from God above.

Whose life is a reflection of the beauty of God.

It’s 2021 🔥🙌

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