Meet DezDo’s Fredrik A. Kaada!

Cool story on Fredrik A. Kaada:

Fredrik and I actually have some other businesses that we are going to launch in the future. We connected on LinkedIn in 2015. Stay tuned for that. But around Dec 17th 2016, I approached Divyanshu Chaturvedi and said “Hey we should bring my other partner on board, and I’m going to ask if he would be interested in working with us.” This was especially after Div mentioned he wants to expand in the European market.

Thank goodness Fredrik said he was interested in learning more about DezDo! We set up a conference call, and talked to each other and we are currently working on a plan to make DezDo the best company it can be!

I don’t know why I didn’t tell Fredrik about DezDo sooner. It hit me like a thunder of lighting. Or Div about Fredrik. But it has now happened and he’s on DezDo’s team now. End of story.

Meet Fredrik!

  • Fredrik is a highly skilled brand development strategist & a business development professional with exceptional user engagement skills.
  • He is helping Dezdo expand into the European market.
  • Fredrik is a smart business guy and has launched other ventures.
  • Fredrik is specially passionate about photography, entrepreneurship, digital marketing, friends and the outdoor environment.

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