My Private Life Stays Private

Being someone who likes to keep my private life private, I hate the idea of people asking about my relationship. I reveal so much about different areas of my life that this area is off limits.

I remember 20 years ago in grade school, I did not get any boyfriend questions. It was very peaceful. Now I’m at the age where people think it’s the only thing you should want or supposed to want. Or people try to play matchmaker to match you with anything just to say you have something. Omg. After all being single and happy is the worst thing that can happen to you (we know that there’s people who like to be alone despite what they say on tv, like yours truly).

Joe Alywn is my new spirit animal on relationships. I saw an article where he mentions that people have a natural curiosity about people’s private life, especially a celeb. But why would you expect a stranger on the street to spill the beans about their private life to you?

Preach brother.

We live in a very relationship obsessed and oriented world.

Everyone seems to think your relationship is their business.

Thank you to June Breux and Natalie Brook for writing these two articles.

I posted that I was engaged. It was April’s Fools Day. No one noticed the date. Several relatives that I haven’t talked to in a while reached out and said



Girl why didn’t you tell me first.

They were congratulating me for nothing. If that time comes, I might not post anything for a long while.

Honestly all my life I wondered what the big deal was. This is what girls was trying to kick my a*** over growing up, huh. To be able to be a princess in fairytale and live happily ever after?

If I say I’m creating a startup, creating a new song or releasing a film, the excitement isn’t as high. But if I put that I’m in a relationship or engaged my notifications blow up.

People are indirectly saying that my value is attached to another person, particularly a male. Or to be socially acceptable I have to be with someone. And you know I definitely disagree. I’ve always been saying you are valuable regardless of the relationships you are in. If you want a relationship awesome. You shouldn’t have to be brow beat in the social chambers or thrown to the wolves if you want to take your time in this department.

I was at a family fish fry. And my 3rd cousin (whichever f***** bloodline he is under, our family is huge) kept asking me about me having a ring on my finger, you’re too cute to be single. That conversation again.


My responses?

I don’t like prison sentences much.

I served 5 years already.

No thank you.

Not for me.

Why don’t you play matchmaker with your son/daughter. You will feel more accomplished. And actually get more done.

I’m fun in real life so I gotta make a joke out of it. I’ve been in both relationships and single. And if you read past articles, being single isn’t scary, pathetic, or lonely to me. I ain’t missing out because I don’t have FOMO.

I don’t go to weddings wishing it was me or questioning why I’m not married or engaged yet. My closest friends and my mother will tell you. I give zero f****. Others care more than I do. I’ll continue to live my life.

I wouldn’t want to switch lives with the people who are asking me. I wouldn’t want their marriages either. Just being for real with the people reading this.

And furthermore, people always are saying it’s cute, and I can see right through the pictures couples post on Instagram. Does anyone ever reveal the work it takes to grow, keep and maintain a relationship? Most of the time no.

But but it’s all what you make it.



I want to have a conversation with someone and not have the boyfriend question asked. It’s a simple gift that would keep on giving.

The more I hear the pressure based questions, the more I’ll continue to tune it out.

I’ll walk down my own house aisle with my cute little doggie’s paw in my hand.

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