No, I’m Not Mixed

You’re so exotic looking.

What are you.

Are you mixed?

Photo Credit Goes To The Original Owners and as a foodie I WANT BOTH SO BADLY.


Wwowow you’re so hot

Whoa you got blond hair and blue eyes.

Our identities are not curiosities, small talk, talking points, or tokens. You don’t know what our backgrounds mean to us.-Maya Gittelman

Don’t glance at what you don’t understand and reduce it to “cool.”Ask yourself why you’re curious about the racial background of mixed race people. We are not a curiosity.

WHY. Is he some sort of freak?

Mixed people with a Black parent are NOT “half-Black”. They are Black. Fully. Period. By that I only mean, you have just as much right to embrace 100% of every Black culture or white culture you spring from, just as much as someone of your culture who is not mixed. Just because you spring from more than one ancestry, doesn’t make you half off it, half-Black or a fraction White. If you are biracial you are NOT half & half. You are WHOLE & WHOLE. One spirit wrapped in human clothes. The color of a diamond’s wrapping or packaging does not define its worth. You are a diamond spirit.

Your melanin makes you Black but Black is NOT a race, it is a color & a culture-substitute when you don’t know the specific country in the motherland your ancestors came from. #EbrahimAseem Any one who has African blood in them is “Black” only because the first human on earth came from a Black woman’s womb. This is the origin gene.

You don’t have to say you’re full Black, nor pick sides or choose one race to identify. No. Embrace all of you. Every racial ingredient. You are white and black, and blended, and whole, and enough. Just innerstand you partake in a regal ancestry & nucleus all life springs from. Melanin.

Black is a culture-substitute. Nigerian, Jamacian, Ethiopean, etc. are races & ancestries. White is a culture-substitute. French, Italian, German, etc. are races & ancestries. Know your ancestry. Define yourself. Embrace 100% of your cultures with 100% of you, not half of you.-Ebrahim Aseem

I am simultaneity, I am the intertwining of two incredible, disparate cultures. Oceans have crossed within me, rhythmic island dialects and heady Canaanite rhythms live not quite at home together on my tongue. It took me 22 years to begin to see that though, and I’m still working on it — and it’s entirely mine.-Maya Gittelman

The police brutalize multiracial, light skin, “mixed,” Black men and women (cis or trans), and gender non-conforming folk just like the chocolate skin or dark tone ones. Mixed Black folk are singled out for disparate and cruel treatment too. Calling someone mixed does not protect them from racism- No, My Children Are Not Mixed — The Good Men Project

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We should not try to pretend that all “mixed” people experience the world the same way. A “mixed” kid who presents as White (or mostly White) is going to experience the world differently than a mixed kid that doesn’t present as White (or mostly White).-

It’s important to let them explore all aspects of their identities.

Mixed children are not like Build-A-Bears. You can’t just decide that you want your child to look, act, or identify a certain way just because you want them too.

Multiracial people are not objects; we’re our own people with different relationships to cultural backgrounds and labels., 4 Ways Parents Can Support Their Mixed Race Children — Everyday Feminism



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