Our Education Has Failed Us

Alesha Peterson
3 min readNov 3, 2016


This is my serious attempt to clean out my email box from my hospital stay. My emails have a lot of great knowledge from people. I’ve been holding out on all the information in my email. I want to keep the knowledge and clean my inbox. So I came up with the idea to write a blog post on these emails. Done and done. I won’t forget to delete either.

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The education you’ve received from elementary school, to high school, and right up to college may be limiting your true potential as a human being.

Alesha , it’s not your fault.

Now let’s clarify something: The current education is NOT bad…

It’s just severely OUTDATED (which may be the biggest understatement you’ll ever read today!)

And it’s becoming a massive disservice to all the young students who graduate from school.

I graduated (barely) from the University of Michigan.

And by the end of my four years what did I have to show for it?

1) A piece of paper (apparently called “a degree”)
2) Knowledge that I now hardly apply in my life
3) $100,000 of student loans

Sound familiar? Maybe you’ve gone through the same thing.

Education reform has been debated to the death but the current system is still struggling to keep up.

(And frankly, it’ll never catch up. But we believe there is a solution. More on this in a bit.)

As a result, there are huge gaps in our education.

And it’s about time we plug those gaps. Check out the Video

Vishen Lakhiani

Like I said in my subtitle, I have a lot of emails in my inbox similar to this. While everyone says it differently, I keep hearing the same common theme. Like Vishen, I wasn’t sure what I learned in formal education (especially college) was going to get me where I needed to be. I’m realizing the missing piece of the puzzle all along was learning from people that are actually doing what I want to do, versus getting into 6 figure debt with a degree that I’ll never use. Sure, it’s nice to hang up on my wall for my ego, but I started really questioning what I can use my degree for after semester after semester of getting sick. I can tell you story after story of down right dirty dog experiences I had in college.

Some of you may find what I say about formal education in my articles offensive. I’m not trying to attack anyone’s values, or attack what you’ve learned from your family or parents.

I watched too many friends end their life trying to get a college degree or feeling like failures because they didn’t finish. More than dealing with prejudges, stereotypes, being sick for several years in college, I think watching my friends die was the last straw for me. I mentally clocked out and washed my hands of formal education since reading those obituaries. Nothing is worth ending your life over. Not even college. F*** that. I’m learning from millionaires and going about my damn business.

Hello! I’m Alesha! I’m a musician, actress, entrepreneur and writer and recent hospital patient (I still can’t believe that is real). Follow on Twitter. If you like what I’m writing, give me a heart and share! :) I like hearts.



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