Our Luck Has Run Out

I delayed several stories to bring this story out. This hit my hometown like a storm this weekend. I wrote this on the fly.

I was at Chreece at Fountain Square Saturday the 24th. My family was at the Colts game. At the last minute, I decided to not go to the Colts game and go to Manon Voice’s and Ejaaz’s performances. And a little DJ 2Blunts.

I called earlier that night to ask if they were winning or losing. At the time it was 17 to 7 I think?

I called again and my mom said Andrew Luck retired.

I said “What the F***”.

Are you serious?

Some Colts fans came over to Chreece. I asked them is that rumor true.

In utter disgust, they shook their head saying yes. Their phones were blowing up.

Welp. Tequila shots went down. A guy had his head against the wall.

Oh it’s gonna be a long night.

Here’s Why Colts Nation Is Pissed

(Via messages sent to me so far, and in person conversation. As I get more feedback I’ll update). Speaking of that.

Colts fans. Let me know if I’m missing anything, or should add anything via email, tweet or instagram. Or if there’s viewpoints I’m missing. I’m writing this as news come out about it so there’s will be some mistakes and typos. This is hot as wildfire. As of August 26th, 2019 Luck and Indianapolis is trending. It’s the topic they are talking about in Indianapolis and around the NFL right now.

  1. Andrew Luck was the highest paid quarterback in the league. Did Andrew Luck prove that he was worth more than Tom Brady? Obviously not. Numbers are good but people remember the number of Super Bowl rings more. A.) By Luck leaving now, it’s gonna cost Colts money. We made draft decisions based on Luck being QB. According to Yahoo, Luck is going to cost the NFL money.

2. As I understand, Luck was supposed to take the reign from Peyton Manning. The Colts got rid of Manning for Luck. And Colts Nation expected more. Manning went on to the Broncos and won 1 more Superbowl ring. Now Colts Nation is probably thinking, if we would have kept Manning, would we have had another Superbowl ring and appearance? Maybe our chances would have been better at another Superbowl with Manning? We will never know.

3. (As the Washington Post stated above). We, Colts Nation wanted another Superbowl ring or at least a couple of appearances. The last Super Bowl ring was in 2007. Luck promised at least a Superbowl appearance and never delivered. If you talk to some Colts fans, they will say that the Colts should have had two Superbowl rings. They say Peyton Manning and the world wanted the Saints to win because of Hurricane Katrina that year. It depends on which side of the coin you wanna look at.

Bottom line: Nobody’s expecting the Colts Superbowl wins like the Pats, but you get the vibe that a few more Superbowl rings are expected.

4. Millennial sidenote: Some millennials are known for overpromising and undelivering. Luck is a public example of this. In other words, if we don’t like a job, or we get hurt on a job we will walk in a heartbeat. Long gone are the days where we will endure a job for 20+ years. We will walk and still have our pride.

  • Sidenote: I got accused by my group Alpha Phi Omega Alpha Gamma of not following through. I guess it happens to the best of us, millennials lol. Me “not following through” got me to a lot of cool places, so whatever. It got Luck to be the highest paid quarterback in the league at one time, so follow the leaders! Lol. (But seriously we are all allowed to make mistakes, change our minds and still succeed).

5. We got played when Patriots assistant coach Josh McDaniels decided to stay in New England instead of being the Colts head coach.

6. Luck sat out for a whole year from a shoulder injury and still got paid. How many of you could do the same and get paid millions of dollars? (I betcha if you and I tried that our gigs we would get fired, unless you are a celebrity or a family member or have some connection. I had several medical situations at school and was thrown away like trash. I didn’t have that swag I guess. Let me know if you can at your jobs/gigs/school because that’s a good deal.)

7. Booing as Luck walked off the field came from frustration, anger, confusion and pain of the situation. Apparently, it was more directly tied to being pissed off at the situation. But if you were in the stadium that night you couldn’t help but think it was directed at Luck.

8. There’s been plenty of players, especially QBs over the years who’s had a list of injuries and came back.

9. Colts were projected to go to the Superbowl with Luck in the next couple of years.

10. Can someone verify these next two? Apparently Colts ticket prices were raised to make Luck the highest paid QB or offset the costs. Other Colts players were let go over the years so they could pay Luck.

Colts nation have been punked these past few years. I don’t know if Luck retiring at the end of the season would have made it better. Or even before the draft so we could draft another QB. No one knew at the time we would be in this position. The sting is definitely felt with him being retired at the beginning of the season.

In Andrew’s Defense…

  1. Luck was hit more times than any other quarterback either in 2014 or 2015 or 2016 in the Chuck Pagano era. (Let me find the link, it’s overloaded with retirement stories right now). Try to play through injury after injury in pain without considering retiring. Luck didn’t have the protection that Manning had (Jeff Saturday, Bill Polian Offensive Line Era). I think Big Ben has the record for most sacked quarterback (or he’s super close to the record). They say Matthew Stafford took a beating as well.
  2. Luck’s injury list is LONGGG. Geez oh peas!

3. Luck did break some records and we did make it to playoffs.

4. Luck did give back to the Indianapolis community. There’s stories of him visiting Riley Hospital For Kids, holding football camps, the Riley Sports Experience and many more. He’s given his everything and there’s no point in giving more just to get potentially injured more or permanently. He’s seeing the writing on the wall, there’s no point in going further.

5. He’s walking away from 500 million dollars. If you had 100 million+ dollars at your disposal, retirement would cross your mind. (If you get a Yacht direct me to the food section, please and thank you. If you have a private island direct me to your fridge).

6. There’s quite a few football players who have concussions, injuries and health issues long after football. Here’s a list of NFL players with CTE. Many don’t consider this because they don’t go through it, they just go to games or turn on the tv to watch without really knowing.

More and more NFL players are calling it quits earlier, putting their health and wellbeing over sports.

7. My high school classmate Ricky made a steller Facebook status. I don’t have permission to post it here, but in a short version he said booing Luck was shameful, tasteless and unclassy. Our energy should go towards supporting the Colts, Frank Reich and Jacoby Brissett (I think I spelled his last name wrong).

8. We will never know what doctors told him.

9. People forget that these football players are human. Nowadays people are thinking about their mental and physical health more than money and playing a sport, like I stated above.

10. Some are even saying that if Bill Polian was still around, Luck wouldn’t be in this predicament. Opinions on this?

11. Andrew Luck doesn’t owe us.

The Verdict

I’m still updating this article. I’m thinking they didn’t expect Luck’s retirement to get this much press.

I’ll still watch Colts football. I do follow some other teams.

This will be talked about for a while.

What do you think?

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