People To Avoid Year Around

I recently posted an article about topics to avoid around the holidays.

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My mother has a nice quote on her wall.

Be like Santa, only visit people once a year.

They say some people like family and friends that you can see as little or as much as possible. Here’s the type of people to avoid period.

This idea sparked in my head as I was talking with friend Steve Bello in the comment section of this article.

Gossip Queens

If someone is gossiping to you about another person, they are also gossiping about you behind your back. See backstabbers also.

Jealous People

I’ve had so many people be jealous of me in my life that I can pick up quickly when someone is jealous of someone else.

My mom mentioned to this relative that this guy with kick ass credentials just got voted in to a 6 figure job at this board.

They were nit-picking and coming up with everything under the sun as to why this person shouldn’t get it.

I’m like damn. You don’t know the guy but you’re so critical.

I said congratulations. I can’t wait to meet the guy.

Anytime I mention someone else’s accomplishments and another person has nothing nice to say about it, jealousy alarm bells go off in my head.

I test my friends sometimes to see if they are the jealous type by subtly dropping an accomplishment or two. Not in a braggy way, but to see how they respond. How they react is everything.

Have the envious ever considered that if they were happy for others, happy things would happen for them in return? Just a thought.


I could probably write a book on backstabbers.


Being in the music industry, there’s so many people that want to jump on your coattails. Some people call them bandwagon fans. I call them bloodsucking vampires.

There’s nothing wrong with reaching back and lifting someone up. I personally take issue with a.) people doing things for the sole purpose of getting something in return. b.) Name Dropping your name to gain favor c.) when the chips are down they are nowhere around.

Nobody is saying empty your bank account out for anyone. But whatever happened to doing nice things and just letting it go?

I’ve had several bloodsuckers try to latch on to me, and I watched my back and questioned their intentions the whole time. Anytime someone keeps saying I know this person, and I know that person, my inner sirens go off.

For the most part if people can’t use you then they want to be bothered.

One Uppers

See SNL skit for details.

Everytime you mention something they always gotta come up with one better. They can’t let you have your moment.

Status Struck People

Lately, I’ve been running into old classmates. From grade school to college.

I always find it interesting when I run into the people who ran in the popular crowds at my years school. And the ones that professors and teachers bragged on, and fully supported. People pumped them up. People voted for them. Teacher’s pets. People had the tendency to kick me down because I didn’t conform to what they wanted me to be.

I never considered myself popular by any means, but I did notice people use to keep up with me more than usual (which I found to be a little odd).

I ran into a guy who I’ll call John who’s is working at Menards. He didn’t want me to see him working there because he said a quick “hi” and made a mad dash.

I always remember him being invited to all the service projects, included and well-liked. (I had to try harder to build bonds but found out later that they weren’t my crowd. I understand why I quite never fit in anywhere. When you do find people you clique with, it just works.)

The girl that tried to destroy me? My mother saw her in MCL serving food. She asked my mother if she wanted butter on her spinach. This girl was one of the worst people I’ve ever met in my life.

Their glory days from school are long gone and they are humbly earning an honest living.

I remember people voting for them when they didn’t vote for me. I remember people siding with this girl in 8th grade and tried to kick my ass down into the ground.

To see them avoiding me in stores not wanting me to see them working at is a far cry. I know for a fact that they didn’t want me seeing them work there (or word get to me that they are working there).

A mutual associate told me that word has been getting around about “how well” I’m doing.

This teaches me no matter where you are in life (rich, poor, popular, unpopular, etc) is to always treat people the way you want to be treated. The shoe can be on the other foot at anytime, and you meet the same people going up as you do going down.

I’m not one-upping anyone. I’m not trying to be better to be better than them. I’m bettering me for me by me. Life is not a competition.

If I ever had the chance, I tell the motherf***** that no one is completing with them. Do what you have to do. Besides, why in the hell do you care so much about what I think in the first place? And for the people who always b**** about someone doing better than them? The reason why I got them.

A friend told me the next time I hear someone say something, tell em to work harder to create opportunities for themselves, instead of b***** about what opportunities you have that they didn’t have.

It amazes me how many people are status struck; who front appearances for real!

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Energy Drainers

Debbie Downers, Negative Nancies and Booing Brians.

Limit your interactions with these peeps! I made up the booing Brian. Lol.

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