Potential Vs. Capacity?

Alesha Peterson
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Credit to the original owner. I saw it which scrolling on film set and I don’t remember it.

I dislike when people say potential for some reason. It never sat well in school with me growing up. I read the word potential on Medium and some of my favorite writers. I used it a few times in my articles.

While in school, it was annoying.

It’s saying that something is out of my reach and there is not a flexible game plan to reach it. I may reach the moon if you build the spaceship first and learn how to fly it. If I don’t, why not be flexible and understand​ that there’s different ways of moving forward?

Putting unrealistic goals that are achievable in the first place without a plan or set of systems is setting you up to fail.

If I can climb the tree now, let’s focus on climbing that tree the best way I can. And then growing into building a spaceship without the pressure to get to the moon. I’m up for getting to the stars just in case I miss the moon. I’ve always gotten the impression with potential that it isn’t flexible. That if you don’t do this this way or how so and so thinks you can do it, you fail.

Potential is based on the future. When someone has the potential to do something, it is about becoming something other than who they are in the present moment.

Capacity is based on the present moment. Your capacity already exists. Capacity is defined by doing what you can do today — in this moment.-Robert Anthony

Sometimes if you ask too much of someone, it can backfire because they don’t have it in them to do it right now.

I suppose I can say “I have the potential to reach 1 million fans on Facebook, but I only have the capacity to reach 1,952 because those are the current people liking my page.

Instead of saying “ you got potential” why not “let’s see where you are now, and let’s make a plan to grow there.”

So for now, I’m forgetting about my potential and zeroing on my capacity in this moment.

I’m doing what I can do right now.

Which is (for example)

  • Creating my email list so I can grow my email list
  • Blogging on Medium regularly so I can reach a bigger audience
  • Posting consistently on Youtube
  • Booking commercial and film work in different cities
  • Recording music with different artists in different cities

What I can’t do at the moment:

  • Have 10 top 10 singles like Drake. Instead, I’m focused on writing great songs and putting out songs that people would like. If people don’t like your songs they won’t listen to them!
  • I could think of a few more. Maybe later.

So the next time someone says you got potential?

Forget about your potential and focus on your capacity in this moment. Do what you can do right now. Baby steps now! :D

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