Quick Note About Gratitude

Photo Credit Goes To Lily Jensen!

It’s easier to be grateful when the going is good right?

We have a tendency to be conflicted. How?

The heart expresses one group of feelings=romance, gratefulness, and joy. Our mind often think negative thoughts, which is conflicting.

When we see ourselves in a negative light, we have a tendency to start to see the negativity in others as well. Judging is negative energy. Focusing on what you don’t have is negative energy. Unfortunately, a negative person starts to see the world in a negative light.

Your outer shell is connected to your inner shell-What goes on in the inside, shows on the outside.

Your outer world is a direct reflection of your inner world. The majority of these thoughts and beliefs are unconscious. When you find situations in your life that do not seem to get better, no matter what you try, there is definitely a negative belief lurking in your unconscious.-Catherine Anesi

The negative beliefs don’t have to be our truth. But our hearts know the truth.

When you train yourself to see things from a place of gratitude, and this just takes a little regular daily practice, you will begin to notice all the things you already have in your life — big and small — that you can truly rejoice and celebrate! And doing this aligns your energy properly to bring in even more things to celebrate! It can be easier to see the world through our grateful hearts when our tanks are full, right?-Lily Jensen

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