Quit Hitting On Riders On The Bus & Subway!

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This is inspired by Kris Gage’s article. I felt like she was describing me as she wrote this so much.

There’s a few barflies. There’s women and men looking for action. However. Not everyone at the bar is out to be f**** on business trips. Some people literally want to enjoy their expensive salad and expensive wine in peace. I’m one of this people who wants to enjoy my overpriced expensive 100 meat in peace. Or overpriced appetizer.

I’m with Gage. I got my nights out with the girls but during a non-party outing? I’m usually writing a post, preparing for film or whatever. To disturb my process for preparation is not ok. I’ll let them know every chance I get to back off.

Gage says leave the latter with their lettuce in peace. Preach. I’m gonna take this article in a whole different direction now.

In the bus riding world, speaking for myself. Leave me in my bus seat in peace. Or car. Or Lyft and Uber. The subway or bus ride is not Tinder, Grindr, Bagel meets Coffee or Bumble. My goal is to get from point A to B. Not to be hit on, go out of your way to get my attention to ask my age or sit next to me in a creepy way. I didn’t wake up this morning to look forward to all that. Some people and some girls would die for this attention from guys. I’m not one of these people.

Some women are interested in this, and they individually will let you know. However I’m not one of them. Your attention is the last thing on my mind.

Being from Indiana, having a car is the norm and the only reliable way to get around (Uber and Lyft close second). If you don’t have a car, you are pretty much indirectly seen as a financial screw-up. There’s friends who will not ever ride the bus because of the element and bad reputation. The bus system over the years hasn’t been the greatest. Buses running late, weirdos sitting next to you and so on. The independence of a car is heaven. There’s a update with the new anticipated Red Line where it would run every 15 minutes. There’s even complaints about that, yet they want to be seen as a major city.

Indianapolis, my love, in order to complete with the big boys and girls (N.Y., Chicago, London, etc) your transportation system has to be on par. At the time of this article being written (April 24th, 2019) it’s not up to par. Hopefully by the time this is published, I’m proven wrong. I want to be wrong.

When I’m in Indy. Hopefully I can help with the change by being an ambassador. I’m plane jane in this and low profile. Yet I get hit on in get-up like this……

When I’m running late in Chicago or NY being a goofball, I can just catch the bus. Usually I prefer to walk. The last time I was there, I walked from Trump Tower to Rain forest Cafe Chicago just to get to know the city.

Being in cities like Chicago and NY auditioning for projects makes me realize that their transportation systems ARE STELLER.

NYC’s skyline is really stellar.

I was in Chicago for a convention and driving in downtown Chicago is rough. I’ve had local Chicagoans confess to me that they park their cars and use trains and buses. I took the train with a group of friends from Rosemont, Illinois to downtown Chicago.

Miami even has a trolley that runs every 15 minutes from my favorite hotel. In my opinion having a car in Miami is ideal, especially if you wanna take a trip to Fort Lauderdale, Boca Raton, or Orlando.


New Jersey’s and New York’s bus system=excellent. On July 5th, 2019 I counted the number of buses that came to my mom and I during our family reunion. 15 came in 10 minutes. I fell in love with this area immediately. Between that and the fact that Urban Coalhouse Pizza & Bar.

I’ll update this article with the bus station and the actual bus ride soon. But when I shot this footage is when we saw the 15 buses in 10 minutes.

Those seats feel so soft on my bottom that I got up and sat back down several times.

When I’m back in Indiana, many will ask where your car is. When I’m in bigger cities, I can park that joker and ride. It’s like being in two conflicting worlds apart from each other. One will destroy your worth if you let it. Another world embraces you parking your car to ride your bus or bike. It’s all to help the environment you know! And get my 10,000 steps a day. Lil Dicky just released earth day song, if I can do my part and walk, you do your part too.

To embrace being a New Yorker (part time), my newly favorite Vrbo peeps say I can ferry, train or bus it.

Here’s the ferry outside the Sheraton Lincoln Harbor hotel. (One of my favorite hotels on the Jersey side. Thank you to my family reunion for letting me know that this hotel exist and having the events there).

Hoboken, Weehawken, and NYC are minutes away from each other.

As a Indiana girl turned part time New Yorker here’s what makes me want to bring a car with.

“Do I know you from somewhere?”

No you don’t.

Humbling Sidenote. I’m not a famous actress or musician. No casting director is banging down my door casting me in their projects. NY & LA is VERY COMPETITIVE. I find wierd guys very distracting on my way to auditions. No casting director gives a crap about some purvert trying to hit on you. They want you to do your job in the audition. Subways and buses are very enjoyable for the most part. I’ve been very clear in these instances to back off.

You looking good.

Why. No.

Are you famous?


As a Indy bus ambassador, I find if I don’t leave 2 hours early, I won’t get to places on time.

I did an experiment on a few appointments and man I was up the creek without a paddle. Hopefully with the Red Line I’m proven wrong.


In Indiana: This is not a transportation town. Keep your car.

In Jersey. We are 2 minutes away from New York (SO TRUE.)

In New York. Girl, park that machine. Be a New Yorker.

In Chicago. Bus or Train. Chicago has one of the best trains in the country.

In Miami. Car or Trolley. Especially if you live in downtown Miami.

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