Realistic and Perfectionism

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Here’s an Emily Williams Email:

Now, Alesha, even watching that video may bring up a lot of fear for you.

But that’s what’s supposed to happen!

Most of us, take a step forward and BAM! Fear and insecurity come up. We hear a voice inside that says…

You can’t do this…
You’re not capable
It’s not going to work out

Have you seen that graphic where the miner is digging for diamonds and he turns around RIGHT before he gets to them?

That’s what happens with us when fear kicks in, Alesha. We stop. We step on the breaks. (You know what I’m talking about!)

I think if I listened to alot of my school friends about being realistic and starting when you are 100% perfect, I wouldn’t be where I am right now.

I know for a fact if I would have listened to my school friends fears, it could have easily projected on me.

I wouldn’t have had some of the experiences I had.

Email #2 from James Williams


I am writing this email and remembering when my fear of being judged for bad spelling and grammar would stop me from even trying to write an email or post for you.

Although I knew I had a world of knowledge and experience that would serve you, my fear held me back.

It then dawned on me that I wasn’t expressing or even owning the superhuman within me by denying you the support that you deserved and could use to change your life for the better. Perfection is not a superhuman quality.

Thank goodness I am not perfect!

The pursuit of perfection is one that I see holding a lot of people back, at all levels! ‘Perfect’ is an illusion. The beauty of this world is its imperfection, that is what allows for evolution and improvement.

Instead, strive for excellence from a passionate, persistent pursuit of possibility! (say that 3x fast — I challenge you!)

“They who have conquered doubt and fear have conquered failure.”

James Allen

Emily and James Williams are quickly becoming one of my favorite couples.

Everybody who reads my articles knows I’m far from perfect. I make plenty of mistakes. But I write despite. I live my life despite. I don’t let the fear of doing something wrong in the future stop me.

This is why I was really pissed off in my school days when a mistake was held against me, but it was ok for someone else in another group to make more mistakes and still get voted in as president or another leadership position. It was a double standard and what Michelle Obama said. Even as young 20 somethings, my organizations were indirectly reflecting the world around them; and unfortunately believing stereotypes and labels.

How I know? I make plenty of mistakes in life, in business and various types of projects (ranging from filming to recording music). I look at some of the people who tried to pull the mess and well. All I will say they were petty and trying to drag someone didn’t advance their lives or careers any quicker!

Check out the Josh Tam’s answer to this Quora post. Sometimes you don’t fit in because you don’t gossip like everyone else. Sometimes when you don’t sell your soul to the devil like others are willing to, you might find yourself on the outside looking in. After reading that and articles like Zara’s Why You Love Like You Do and Crystal’s The Truth About Your Trust Issues and Zachary Phillip’s Why I Always Felt Out Of Place Growing Up and Steve Bello’s Losing Friends Because You Are Successful? Take A Bow. I didn’t gossip about anyone growing up and generally minded my own business. I’m not claiming I’m perfect, but I did notice that people didn’t accept me for who I was/am and because I wasn’t like them, they tried to f**** with me. Those 4 articles and Josh Tam’s reply resonates with me so much because as I read those I see myself in them.

Tips from James William Email:

Today’s Superhuman You Tip — Own up to your fears, recognize the benefit of overcoming them, and take action. Get yourself a journal, it’s time for some raw honesty.

If you’re honest, where are you currently playing it small?

If you had more courage what would you be doing differently?

How would you feel about yourself if you consistently stood up for your beliefs, with love and respect for others, and took action even when it feels scary?

What is one thing this week you can take action on that you have been putting off?

Discovering and experiencing the Superhuman in you is a result of self care; this starts with you building a relationship with yourself of love, respect and encouragement.

Alongside that relationship just know, I have your back too. ;)

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