I needed a good laugh, and this definitely did it. This can’t be real.

I laughed so hard that I fell to the floor and couldn’t breathe. The past 48 hours on June 6th was wicked crazy and the week ahead was more wild (not gonna get into the story here). Felt off and super tired.

My mom came in and said she was a Reverend.

I’m like how? Reverend of what? Reverend of Donuts?

So my mom and a few other people signed up for this, and said it was real. And they can officiate weddings.

I’m like what?

This is a joke right?

I did officiate a wedding, during a party in school once. LMFAO.

Anyone who hires me has to be crazy AF. LMFAO. I’m dying in laugher as I type this.


If you read some of my recent past articles, you would laugh even harder at this whole idea. Why did they accept my application again? (I’m not a fan of organized religion right now, which makes this situation more comical).

Does anyone have any experience in this for real?

Because apparently, anyone can sign up to officiate weddings, including you, the person reading this.

Maybe these are places where I can have my church (if you get offended easily or religious might be a good idea to stop here.)

  • Kentucky Fried Chicken’s seating area
  • Junior’s at the bar area
  • Junior’s Cheesecake
  • Urban Coal House Pizza.
  • Entrance of Golden Coral
  • Maybe I can have a 4 to the floor ceremony.
  • Minister of Pizza
  • Reverend of the Coke Lot of the Indy 500
  • Donut City
  • Cracker Barrel’s Cheese Grits
  • Willie Wonka and the Chocolate Factory (maybe my church can be on top of one of those swirly candy things).
  • Minister of Sex On The Beaches
  • Reverend of Tequila Sunrises
  • Long Island
  • Hot Girl Summers

And wait, I’ve always heard that churches are great tax-write offs, which is why some people out here have a church but don’t hold services. This is the last thing I need to hear.

It’s 2021 🔥🙌

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