Safety Tips I Learned From Watching Crime Shows

Happy Easter (Monday)!

I’m gonna split this until two categories: Crime & Money.

My mom thinks I’m weird for watching crime shows. But I find that the more I watch them, the more life lessons I learn from them.

I watch Dateline, 48 Hours and almost anything on Investigation ID, Justice Channel, or Escape.


  1. Do not answer the door. If you wasn’t expecting anyone, do not answer the door. I’ve seen more episodes where if people didn’t answer the door they would be alive today.
  • I remember my mother calling the police on this guy who threatened us . The police was so passive in my situation and did nothing. It made me lose a little faith in them; I don’t dislike the police, I just don’t trust them.

4. If a police pulls you over and you’re not sure they are real, stay in your car and call the police. A officer will have no problem with this. If the person is being aggressive or won’t show you their badge, they may be a fake cop.

5. If a person rams the back of your car, call the police.

6. If someone rolls down their window trying to tell you that you have a flat, stay in your car. Sure you might have a flat, but it’s very well be a set up to get you to leave your car.

7. Don’t pick up people you don’t know. More good samaritans have gotten killed giving someone a ride. Call the police. (At this point I don’t pick up some people I do know)

8. Someone’s car broke down? It may be a person who’s car broke down but it also could be a set up. Call the police.

9. Someone may stick a recipe or piece of paper on the outside of your car (your blindspot) to try to get you outside of your car when you try to remove the piece of paper. This is to try to make sure you see it during parallel parking or backing up. Do not remove the paper right away. Drive away. If you see someone following you, call the police.

10. If you’re spouse passes away, get an attorney. They assume you are the number 1 suspect. If there’s pressure to solve a crime, they will twist your words and use them against you to get a conviction.

There’s a reason why they always consider the spouse or people closest to the victim the number one suspect.

11. If there’s pressure to solve a crime, police sometimes will twist your words and use them against you to get a conviction. Do not say anything to police or interrogation without legal counsel. More people have gotten in trouble because they talked too much, thought it was funny to lie or wanted to brag.

More people have gotten convicted of crimes they haven’t committed because of false confessions, just to find out 20 years later they didn’t do it. Getting paid millions of dollars doesn’t get those 20+ years of life you lost in prison.

12. Money talks and bullshit walks. If you come from money or have money you can more in likely pay your way out of crimes or get a slap on the wrist. (Every once in a while the wealthy get their just desserts, but I’ve seen way too many get easy sentences and go Scott free.)

Photo cred goes to yours truly. This is at my piano in my studio in Nashville, Tennessee a while back. (It’s the same piano you will find in my piano YouTube covers).


  1. Do not give one person all your life savings. I watched more people who lost all their life savings because they trusted one person, who ended up being a scammer, a fraudster, or a international fugitive. See shows like American Greed and Masterminds for details.

Common Sense

After watching a few episodes of various crime shows, I’m starting to realize that common sense isn’t that common.

  1. DO NOT let someone you just known for a day move in your house or apartment.

As I watch more crime shows, I’ll think of more and either add to this or make a part 2.

Happy Easter!

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