Why I’ve been distancing myself long before coronavirus came around.

Every time I look on television, coverage of the coronavirus aka coron-ho (my nickname for the virus)

This is constantly in my feed.

Photo by SHRM


According to Google, Social distancing is a term applied to certain non pharmaceutical infection control actions that are taken by public health officials to stop or slow down the spread of a highly contagious disease.

Throughout the coverage, they been empathizing hand washing. And staying at home.

Well, I’ve been doing this for a long while anyways:

Vacation? Check.

*Using hand sanitizer while on these vacations.

Credit goes to the Avian Flu Diary.

Question That’s Been On My Mind This Whole Time:

Why does it take a virus or pandemic for people to wash their hands?

  • I’ve always washed my hands.
  • Used hand sanitizer.
  • Wiped down my seats on the subway.
  • Sanitized my laptops
  • Sanitized my cell phones
  • Sanitized any gym equipment I use.
  • Saw horror stories of merca and decided to start working out at home.

And what will I do after the coronavirus or any other pandemic?

  • I’ll continue to wash my hands
  • Will more in likely keep social distancing myself (with an occasional bar outing).
  • Continue to wipe down my subway seats
  • I’ll still wipe down my laptop.
  • I’ll still wipe down my cell phones

The stay at home order? To protect against the virus, I don’t mind.

I want to do at least one thing outside the house. It’s the same theory behind changing spaces to study better: if you study in bed you will more in likely go to sleep. If you study at the library you will more in likely get things done.

In order for me to feel personally productive, I want to do at least one thing outside the house. It doesn’t have to involve many people. It doesn’t have to be complicated.

This could be gardening.

Walking around the park. (especially with my dog).

I would be cool with laying on the beach.

Rescuing an animal.

Hell I wouldn’t mind going to the grocery store.

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