It’s Super Bowl Sunday! My prediction?

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People from my home state (Indiana) hate Tom Brady. I’ve always liked and respected his skills.

“The Deflate Gate”

“But Alesha, he should have let Peyton Manning get to the Superbowl a few times.”

“He’s too hard on people”

“He beat a retiring Dree Brees, he should have let him go to Superbowl instead.”

This is not how life works. You show up and play your best game. Football and life is not about letting someone win, or go through the motions because you feel sorry for them. If you play well and lose, that’s how the clips fall.

Brady is a fierce competitor, and anyone who plays him better play to win. And show no mercy, because TRUST me the GOAT is gonna come fired up. He’s a Leo too.

People hate people who are successful and wins.

In my article, I explain why people hate on your success, and why you should be successful anyways. I know for a fact that some of my former friends hate me the way many people hate Tom Brady. You keep winning and being your best despite. Tom does his thing and wins, despite what people think.

If you had a quarterback who brought 6 Super bowl rings to your city, you wouldn’t be complaining right? Because it’s not your wins, you’re gonna hate. This is the nature of people.

FACT: Tampa Bay Head Coach Bruce Arians used to be with the Colts. Way back when.

Photo credit goes to Getty Images. He looks so good as a Colt!

When Arians coached the Colts while Pagano was fighting cancer, he did so good.

Arians led the Colts to a 9–3 record, part of one of the biggest one-season turnarounds in NFL history. The nine wins are the most by an interim head coach in NFL history. After winning only two games in 2011, the Colts returned to the playoffs.

Arians was named the 2012 AP Coach of the Year, making him the first interim head coach to win the award.

I copied and pasted those last two snippets from Wikipedia because EVEN THEN, Arians was showing promise. I wish we could have kept him in some capacity until we could have made him into a head coach. HE WAS BREAKING RECORDS AS A INTERIM COACH.

I can’t see how the Colts missed this memo. Maybe keep him? HELLO.

Somehow, as a Colts fan, I feel like we let another one get away. I’ve had this discussion several times, but sometimes you got to switch teams to win elsewhere. Sure. Tony Dungy and Peyton Manning won the Colts a Superbowl. But we got to wake up and smell the coffee. It’s been a while Indy.

Ok ok. Indianapolis is a smaller market and they don’t like to vouch for smaller markets.

Many talented people have been to Indiana and are born Hoosiers, just to leave and go elsewhere to win championships (Frank Vogel used to coach the Pacers, now he won a Championship with the Lakers. Several Pacers players ended up on the Warriors roster and won championships, Victor Oladipo left the Pacers to go to the Rockets).

This is slightly off topic. Let me get back to Superbowl things before I say something else candid.

Patrick. Ah man. He’s a beast.

There’s a reason why he’s gotten so many commercials (I see them everyday) and he has so many endorsements.

When I watched him play against Andrew Luck, I’m like whatttttttt. This is a phenom. Mahomes is playing like he’s been in the league for years.

If I was down twenty points, and I had both Brady and Mahomes on my roster, I would have them figure it out. They are so savvy and smart with the football that as a coach I wouldn’t have to do much.

Brady is the G.O.A.T.

Mahomes is the future.

As far as prediction? It will be literally down to the wire.

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