The 22 Best Kinds Of People

Alesha Peterson
2 min readFeb 18, 2024

The people that stay regardless.

Photo By Shahzad Kiyani
  1. The people that stay regardless.
  2. People who choose you.
  3. People who’s effort matches your own.
  4. People who don’t ask you to be anything other than yourself.
  5. People who love you for you.
  6. Clear communicators.
  7. Good listeners.
  8. Hard workers.
  9. Loved ones that celebrate your wins with you.
  10. The trustworthy and honest.
  11. Kindred spirits.
  12. People who make the world feel less chaotic.
  13. People whose actions match their words.
  14. The turn up the music in the car and sing friend.
  15. The lets get ice-cream at 3 am friend.
  16. People who are soft when the world has given them every opportunity to turn hard.
  17. The emotionally intelligent.
  18. People with genuine intentions, no strings attached.
  19. Childhood friends who keep in touch.
  20. People who support your dreams.
  21. People who make you laugh until you cry.
  22. People who say “text me when you get home safe.”
  23. The people who cheer for your successes like it’s their own. Everyone needs a Miss Nigeria or two or three in their life.
  24. People who fight for you in rooms that you’re not in.
  25. People that don’t view you as competition. Instead they strive for success together and celebrate each other’s victories.

“Everyone talks about their childhood friends, but no one talks about the best friend you found on your own in the middle of trying to figure out how to survive as an adult in the world.”-WomanceoGossip

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