The Craziest Things About 2020.

What a year you have been, 2020.

Here’s my personal list. From personal to sports. Good thing, bad things, funny things and everything inbtwn. Revelations and cool insights. This is in no particular order by the way.

  1. Coronavirus. This has been the one thing that has dominated our lives and disrupted it
  2. Losing Kobe. It still doesn’t seem real.
  3. Creating the brand dinnerroll girl.
  4. The older I get, the more clear this gets: I understand why the grinch wanted to live alone with his dog.
  5. Seeing Phillip Rivers in a Colts jersey when I thought he would always be in a Chargers uniform is weird.
  6. Seeing Tom Brady in a Bucs uniform is different also. I thought the Goat would be a Patriot for life.
  7. Cam with the Patriots uniform when I thought he would be in Carolina’s uniform.
  8. Deshawn Hopkins catching that ball and winning that game was heavenly.
  9. Losing Chadwick Boseman. Black panther won’t ever be the same.
  10. Seeing my 1st childhood home again this year was amazing.
  11. This is the year I turned 30.
  12. I lost quite a few people this year. Several by coronavirus. People and friends took it personally when I declined hanging out in groups.
  13. You lose friends at every age.
  14. If someone ghosts you, respect the dead. Never bother them again.
  15. I picked up my video games again. At least once a week when acting gigs and business isn’t in the picture.
  16. Do I cuss or moan? Depends on how good the food is, but usually both.

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