The Joys Of Being A Babyface

Sometimes, you do have to remind people that you’re not stupid.

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I get asked all the time:

You look good for your age

You will appreciate it when you’re older

Awww you’re so cute sweetie. You really can’t be that old are you.

From hearing these comments, I can tell we are a very youth obsessed society.

Here’s the 411:

  1. Genetics. There’s a lot of young looking people in my family. 40 year olds look 20. 30 year olds look like teenagers. People say that I look the same like I did in grade school and high school. I did change by growing a tad bit taller..


There’s times where there’s elephants in the room and I got speak my mind. Others make me cringe in disapproval. Some things are straight disrespectful.

They say don’t judge a book by it’s cover. Yet we do all the time. I’ve been on the receiving end of it.

The times where….being a babyface is an adventure.

A fun one at that.

  • The times where there’s all those empty seats on the bus, yet a guy chooses to sit next to me thinking that it will make my day. It doesn’t make my day. I wish you wouldn’t, I cherish my space. And no, I’m not a little girl that wants any sort of your candy. Being a babyface, the guys think you’re a stupid teenager waiting to hear their their romantic words. Get lost wannabe prince charming. This is the non-cursing edition. I sometimes ask if I look that stupid and gullible, because I’m obviously not.
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  • The time recently (9/23/2019 to be exact) where a creepy lady sat in a pile of s*** just to sit next to me at the bus station. I got up and walked away. Then on the bus she sat next to me again. No no no. My mom says she thought I was a cute little kid. NO NO NO! QUIT giving creepers an excuse to be creepers! This makes me want to say I’m an introvert on buses and libraries. I appreciate my space please. If you want someone to call cute, get a dog or cat,or stuffed animal, and leave me alone.
  1. PT 2: I work Thirteenth Hour in Indy (if you are into haunted houses). It’s a way to get out of the house and have fun when I’m not booked doing anything else. This girl is definitely younger than me. She was like “well go to the bathroom them. After I told her I needed to use it before the haunt starts. And I told her hey watch your tone and don’t raise your voice at me. After I closed the restroom door she told her twin omg she snapped at me. I told her don’t talk to me disrespectfully and you don’t have to worry about it. I told her I don’t have any beef with her but it was how she said it. You know that feeling where you KNOW someone is not treating you right due to their tone, and how they say it to you. I’m not out here trying to make enemies, but like I said above I’m not a doormat or a b**** for you to walk all over. Even if you think someone is younger or older why would you purposely try to walk all over them anyways?
  • There’s times when how old I am is a curiosity. Are you wondering about the ages of others around you as well? What bout that older guy drinking the coffee? Are you just as curious about his age too? What about the lady who’s doing line dancing? In other words: They ask me in the light that I’m a young kid and I don’t like it. If you ask me like I’m in grade school or high school, I’ll be turned off. I wouldn’t go back to grade school or high school even if I could. I see alumni hanging out at my old high school a lot, but I have no interest…


  • I can still wear my grade school and high school clothes. Yes, I do update my clothes all the time despite.


  • The only one I can think of on top of my head like I said above: If I liked school more, I wouldn’t mind the ARE YOU IN COLLEGE question. The only way to get people to stop asking is to say I didn’t go at all, or tell them my friends passed away from suicide and I don’t want to talk about it. I wasn’t treated nice because of my race, and they subtly tried to make you feel like you can’t do things because of your skin color. At the tender age of 18 I was stupid to think that I lived in a world where race doesn’t matter. Sadly it does. (I don’t tell this to people I’m getting to know or generally speaking, because no one cares. It’s like TMI or being the annoying person that spills the beans on your life story when getting to know someone.) BOTTOM LINE: My college and I don’t get along at all, and the only school I’m claiming at this point is my high school.

The sagas continue.

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As more stories come in, I’ll update it or make a part 2. There’s too many stories to list.

According to several people I work with, my memory is very good. I remember things people wish I didn’t remember.

Anyone else a baby face? Have cool stories to share? Comment below.

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