The Power Of Delayed Gratification

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Sometimes life just takes a while to develop, and no matter how hard you push, it’s simply not the right time for things to pop off for you.

Force doesn’t work as a long term strategy for growth or progress.

Since you can’t force anything to happen, the only thing you can do is adjust your perspective.

You have to change the way you think about waiting.

Learn to go from a mindset that associates waiting with pain and discomfort, to one that looks towards the future with optimism. Don’t even waste energy obsessing about what you’re lacking in the present.

My advice: continue to get things done and work hard.

Yes, hustle. That’s obvious.

But don’t obsess over timetables for when things “must” happen. Trust me, you’ll be disappointed almost every time. Just put in the work and let life unfold.

Give the Universe space to do it’s work while you do yours, and when the thing you want finally does happen for you, let it be a happy, albeit not entirely unexpected surprise.

In other words, chill, bruh.-Daniel DiPiazza

Start that project.

Start that blog.

Read more often.

Watch less TV.

Work really hard.

Work harder.

After reading a Daniel Dipiazza email I wanted to ask: Do you notice that you work hard at something and the hamster wheel is still spinning?

We have been told that with enough hustle, grit, grind, blood, sweat, tears we can achieve anything we want.

If you’re grinding hard and things still aren’t working, keep this in mind. I heard the quote good things happen to those who wait. But I won’t lie, I do like things happen to those who hustle quote a little bit more. Won’t lie.


Maybe, just maybe, the change isn’t ready to happen yet. Maybe you aren’t in the position or grown into the person that’s ready to receive those changes just yet. Sometimes things aren’t ready to happen yet. Maybe there’s still lessons to be learned. No matter how hard we work towards something, we can’t force it.

(Try telling myself this in school.) Stop trying to force things.

My mom was like “It’s not your time yet.” in relation to

There are literally millions of other factors at play in the world that you can’t see — and no matter how hard you grind it out, you cannot produce a miracle by force.

Don’t settle and don’t let this keep you from starting goals. Sometimes the fear of not accomplishing something is what keeps us from trying in the first place.

You gotta keep visualizing even if it’s years away.

The issue isn’t with positivist, goal setting or ambition.

It’s patience.

However. Don’t procrastinate and avoid big goals because of failure.

Still start that project.

Still start that blog.

Still read more often.

Still watch less TV.

Still work really hard.

Still work harder.

Still workout.

Instead of expecting the abs by next week, be happy that you have a workout routine going. We have a tendency to base our progress and success on actual results. According to Srinivas Rao, Our biggest source of motivation to do anything is visible progress. Typically we think of visible progress as the result we’re seeking.

The problem with these markers is that we we don’t see them early in the process. Because of this we might be tempted to conclude that our efforts have failed. This is why people quit blogs, diets, and everything else they attempt. If we just shift how we measure progress, we’ll also increase our motivation to finish what we start.- Srinivas Rao

Instead of tracking the number of YouTube views, likes, or retweets, look at the fact that you are posting consistently.

The problem is what to do with our emotions during the in-between phases, when our reality doesn’t match our grand vision for life.

We must learn to become more comfortable in a state of waiting. Not hoping without planning. Not ambivalence towards the results. But simply putting in the work, then waiting for the results to appear whenever they are ready.-Daniel Dipiazza

Delayed gratification.

Oh as wise as you are.

We’ve had a interesting relationship.

I hated the idea of teaching myself . Yeah. Sure I can display my independent streak. In my mind sometimes I wonder if I can trust anyone and wish I could rely on more people.

I hated not driving during school and during my surgeries.

Because that would put me in a position of being vulnerable and asking someone to help me.

If you read a few of my articles, I don’t trust easily. I always think back to times when I attempted to rely on people. I got burned.

It’s like everyone saying that quote of getting into a relationship may seem like a good idea but so was the titanic and look what happened there.

My quote?

Trusting too many people may seem awesome. But so was trusting the titanic and look what happened there.

I will say delaying gratification for me was rocky at times. But in the end it made since. It might feel like the end of the world during the waiting part, but after it happens to you delayed gratification becomes a part of your world.

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Alesha Peterson

Alesha Peterson

Howdy! Entrepreneurship, fitness, music, acting, real estate, tequila & investing is sexy. Idea for an article? Suggestions wanted!

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