The Security Blankets I Never Talk About

I probably shouldn’t talk about them at all. I don’t think I should write this article.

This is will be one of the vaguest articles I write in the interest of protecting myself.

I wish this wolf could protect me more often! :D

I don’t think I should write this article.

I don’t think I should write this article.

But I’m doing it.

Student loan people got me paranoid in the hospital. People backstabbing me growing up.

This is something I probably won’t talk about for a while, if ever again. My distrust of people made me prepare more than most people. And put a lot of safety measures in place that I won’t talk about online. It’s good right now, and I’m making sure it stays that way.

It’s like this doomsday bunker that you can get. You buy it just in case you may need it. I don’t think the world is gonna end.

You may or may not use it. I might not ever need my Doomsday Bunker. But it will always be there, waiting for you.

Same way with my protection measures. I really don’t have to do all this.

I’m going overboard, but once I got my scholarship taken away, I said never again will I trust financially like that again. It’s a humbling reminder of b***** get back to work.

But I got to thinking. After seeing Natalie talk about her multiple income streams, I guess it wouldn’t hurt to talk about a few of mine. There’s a reason why she says that people don’t talk about it. I never have this conversation with people I went to school with.

#1. Music.

There’s so many ways to make money off music. It’s up to you how many ways you want to. The bigger question? How to.

You can make money off streams. Merch. VIP Tickets. Licensing. Sales. Beats.

And More.

#2 Startups

A good portion of my multiple income streams come from startup projects I’ve done in the past, and some I’m doing right now.

#3. Volunteering

You would be amazed at how many opportunities come from volunteering. I do a lot of 1 time a year gigs, and the connects I get from it is worth my while. I volunteer for over 50 orgs a year across the United States.

#4. People!

I generally have a distrust for people, and this is why I made this the last one. CONFESSION. I do have a group of people I can go to if I need money. They are going to remain nameless. I only use them in an absolute emergency. I gave these people money in school without question. I didn’t harass them about paying me back. I never give out what I can’t afford to lose anyways. They thought I was treated unfairly in college, so they give me money without question.

I didn’t know how cold people could be until I attended college and went in the hospital. I had to lawyer up.

Image By ESI money (

#5 Protect Yourself

Get a tax lawyer/accountant and get a trust set up. LLC or S Corp everything. People start suing when they see you doing well. They want a piece of the pie but didn’t work on it.

#1. I have 20 entrepreneur friends I can go to that would give me a gig if I need it. They reach out to me if they need something. We are in contant contact. I want to increase this circle to 100 people ASAP.

It’s like having 4 blankets, and this is the 5th blanket that catches any drips of water that happens to falls through the first 4.

If you don’t remember anything else from this article, get people and resources in place before you need them.

#2. I’m going to stay vague on the rest of it because I don’t know who is reading this.

#1 Don’t put all your eggs in one basket.

#2. Don’t invest in something you don’t know about. In other words if you don’t know it don’t touch it.

If you want to learn about it, get someone in that area to show you.

#3. I personally follow the 6 jar system.

Both versions are very good. I added another 3 jars to mine, and I split my necessities 50% instead of 55% like the updated one suggests. You can try both to see which one works for you. You can start off with $10 dollars.

#4 Sometimes, it’s best not to reveal everything you know.

Hince, I make sure to have a lot of security blankets in place. When people flake like Frosted Flakes, I’ll be good.

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