The world wants you to stay the same. Change anyways.

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What’s more to you?

Is it going to expensive restaurants and not worrying about the price?

Is it never having to worry about travel?

Is it paying for bills or rent?

Is it being able to pay your credit card bills in full?

Taking care of your family without no money worries?

It’s easy to want more -- but when it comes down to actually GETTING it, nobody wants you to actually change.

Experiment 1: Start going to expensive restaurants. Watch the admiration or snotty comments come in.

When we see successful people, we want to think everything is effortless and just happens. Overnight sensation comes to mind.

When you’re honest about what it takes to succeed at that level, do you sometimes notice that people get mad? Or even start hating? And say things like:

“I could never do that"

“You have the connections that I don’t have”

"Must be nice.

“You have the time."

This guy became a doer. He saved up to eat at a high-end NYC restaurant, Eleven Madison Park, and posted a bunch of pictures from his meal, according to Ramit Sethi in his email.

Do you see the hater comments? When he stopped dreaming and started doing, notice the

“There’s cheaper restaurants I can go to” comments

Like I said in this article, most people have no idea or context of what it took to get those things. And the REAL TRUTH might not sound great to people who don’t understand your life situation.

Easy answers that people want to hear when asked about success:

“You will get there! Keep doing what you’re doing!”

"You just do the best you can!"

“I try to help everyone!”

And generally it’s easier to say sugar coated answers than to actually tell you the truth about being successful. If they pulled back the curtain and told the truth, they know it wouldn’t sit too well. Or hear negative comments.

Experiment 2: Lets think of your favorite celebrity. If you had the same circumstances and fame like your favorite celebrity you would probably do the same thing they are doing.

Since most can’t see themselves living “that life,” they judge. Or they can’t see themselves growing into a person that can have the chance to experience that life.

If you were a busy successful multi million dollar entrepreneur, you’d find ways of figuring out who you spent your time with, instead of trying to be everything to everybody and spreading yourself too thin. You realize that you can’t help everybody. You prioritize instead of trying to please everyone.

If you were a famous person whose life depended on looking good, having the fountain of youth or being in the public eye, you’d have the exact same support system of hairstylists, housekeepers, dermatologists, and nannies.

If your livelihood depended on looking a certain way, you probably be doing the same thing.

Remember, it’s easily to judge something you don’t understand. And judge someone’s life that you ain’t living!

People hate seeing how the sausage is made.

We almost never hear people tell us the honest truth about what it takes at a very successful level to succeed. You know why? Because society beats it out of you. How many times can that guy go in front of a crowd and talk about his Top 50 before the echoes of disapproval become too much for him? Give it a year or two, and his answer might be something like this: "I just try my hardest. It’s always a struggle to try to do everything, but I do my best. I know I can try harder, so that’s something I’m working on." Yes, that’s a politically correct answer. Yes, it will get a lot of nods and smiles.

Yet it’s not even close to the truth.

The key is to realize this happens all the time.

The answer you’re getting from someone may not be the actual truth, but rather a politically correct, pre-rehearsed answer based on dozens of interactions s/he’s had before you. For example, when you see a celebrity on late-night TV sharing some funny story? Pre-rehearsed.

When you see a beautiful photo of a celebrity in Us Weekly, they have stylists, hairdressers, and makeup people who made them look that good.

They’ll almost never admit this, of course. You’ll hear things like "Oh, this? I try to stay pretty low maintenance. I don’t like all those fancy outfits all the time." Of course not. It’s “effortless.” -Ramit Sethi

What’s more to you?

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