This Facebook Status Got My Attention And I Hope It Gets Your Attention Too

Hey There! My name is Alesha! This is my 2nd ever post on Medium. I totally forgot to pay homage to where I started. I decided to post Medium versions of those first blog posts. I thought I wanted to save these for a future book. And I still plan to, but these next few posts is ripping a page out of my school life, a period that I really don’t touch too much nowadays. In my first post, I said 10 but I’m thinking it’s less than that now. It’s almost like a journal of some interesting days in my life. I’ll leave it at the word interesting for now. Is there a chance that this could have used more editing before posting on here? Absolutely! But the book version will be the best version of all. I will be writing on a variety of topics, from traveling to entrepreneurship all the way to my favorite foods. And I speak my mind and some of my posts are more blunt than others. If you like what I’m writing, I’d love it if you stick around for a while.

For this particular post, I did get permission from the Facebook owner of the status a while back in 2014 to make a post out of this. But I did go through and took out names of the comments of the post. If you want even more details about the status from the original owner, I’ll find a way to connect the interested parties via email. Send me a tweet or something! This was especially ripping a page from my school days. I have a plan to make shorter Medium posts in the future. I promise!

I was recently looking at Facebook statuses the other day, and one definitely caught my attention. The post and comments are so good that I’ll let that do the talking. I’ll give credit to the people that said them all. P.S. I didn’t put every single comment on here, other wise this post might have been 5 miles long. It’s already 4 miles long. ;)


INTERRACIAL RELATIONSHIPS: I constantly hear black women criticize black men for dating outside their race. First and foremost this is the most ignorant topic ever but ill throw my 2 cents out there . Why does it matter who a “black man” dates if he is genuinely attracted to that person? Shouldn’t you be with someone who makes you happy and that you are attracted to? Or nah? Next, I’m always hearing black women are too strong for black men. Loool what a joke. First off what makes black women so strong over other races? I witness women of every race get played so I don’t know what makes you the stronger woman so I need a definition please. Last but certainly not least, quit saying all successful black men want white women. That’s false. Maybe if you go into new areas and travel some you can meet plenty of successful black men who want you. But you probably won’t find him at your local Applebees or TGI Friday’s. Successful black men want successful women point blank period. I didn’t know the color of a woman’s skin made her weaker or a “black man” more interested in her. Give interracial relationships the same respect that’s given to homosexual relationships. Quit being ignorant and let people be with who makes them happy.


Black man in an interracial relationship
Phone: +I (NTE)- RRACIAL



My view: Love who you love. If you are happy, that’s all that matters. I’ve gotten weird stares because I’ve dated guys from different backgrounds. I do not justify my decisions with no one. If people stare at you, look at it this way: that means you must be a hottie and those guys/girls probably wish they were dating you. (Don’t get cocky on me because I know you know your hot haha).

As someone that comes from a multi-racial background, I really appreciate seeing different people come together, look past differences and make love, not hate. There’s so much hate already. We should be uplifting and supporting each other, not knocking each other down. I’ll be honest here and say this: if people from different backgrounds didn’t put their peters in different pots, their gasoline in different engines, I WOULDN’T BE HERE. I embrace all my cultures, and it’s a beautiful thing to see that people can look past skin color. It bothers me that some people (not all) in my own family don’t like to acknowledge their multi-cultural heritage and are very uncomfortable with different cultures. I can tell because of the comments they say. No, I do not think I’m better because I have more than one
race running through my veins. Yes, my mom taught me to pick friends based on how they treat me, not race.

To those who refuse to learn about a culture different than your own: you are missing out on valuable opportunities. I choose not to limit myself and I encourage you to do the same. When I’m in Rome, I do what the Romans do. I enjoy learning about cultures I don’t know about.

Watch this video. I’m glad I’m not the only one in the world that feels this way. Being angry is not going to move us forward, and if you went through oppression why would you want someone else to go through that. Race is a touchy topic but seeing videos like this lets me know there is good in the world. (ABC, the blaze)

Make love, not hate. Who you f*** don’t make you a nut (You have to make a song out of that. Please! I beg.)

- Alesha

Thoughts on this Facebook status?

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Howdy! Entrepreneurship, fitness, music, acting, real estate, tequila & investing is sexy. Idea for an article? Suggestions wanted!

Howdy! Entrepreneurship, fitness, music, acting, real estate, tequila & investing is sexy. Idea for an article? Suggestions wanted!