Top 20 & Top 15 Finisher in Ms. Health & Fitness 2023. I’m writing this to say thank you. My time is up.

Alesha Peterson
4 min readMay 23, 2023

Thanks for all the support & keeping me in this long. What a great May.

I’m not the one to throw in the towel right off the back, but I can also tell when my time is coming to a close.

I’ve been holding a solid 12th place! Dropped down to Lucky 13. It looks like I’m gonna be transitioning to supporting my gals, unless I move up a few spots.

I was able to record more workouts under my fitness brand Hungry Hermit Heifer for the rest of the year, so check it out.

Thank you for the top 15 and 20 finishes! What a fun May and wonderful ride. I didn’t think I would get this far. I appreciate the votes and support!

If you noticed, I’ve only been pushing my link on my official page, not my FB profile at all, if you are an actual friend of mine. As you know, there is more to life than sports and competition!

I actually starting my speaking gigs already, some via zoom! I have gigs booked all over the world now, and I’m excited to share my stories. I did a little of that over the weekend and wasn’t paying attention what spot I was in.

I’m writing this on May 23rd. I’ve had a lot of friends pass away, but today is/was my birthday buddy Andrew’s birthday. It’s been 10 years, so people really don’t talk about it anymore. And the common thing they tell you is get over it. But Andrew bud, I think of you all the time. Everytime I do a volunteer gig, I think of you. Grief has no time line. I decided to say goodbye today (like I said I’m not pushing the link overly hard or DMing people my link).

I’m no longer Catholic, no longer associated with the school or the organization. You wouldn’t recognize me anymore my dude. You would probably say danggggg b****.

Yep I rebelled a lot.

I’m a Indiana Hoosier rooting for Hoosier Nation, not into religion period anymore, and pretty much is convinced that God hates me (oh by the way, that’s the title of a future project. And apparently people like it when I sing grown and sexy vibes, noted.) I’ve also accomplished a lot of my dreams, goals and aspirations as a solo person, and decided to continue on this road less traveled. It’s not for everyone, but it’s for me. Who knew I would get speaking gigs all around the world? People lined up wanting to sponsor me and work with me. 1 million Soundcloud streams. And that I’m a full time YouTube Influencer with millions of views. Ya, there’s my tribe of people who like watching my videos. It’s wild. A lot has changed since yall left this earth, and I wish y’all were around to see it. I would trade it all in to get you back. If I were being honest, all of my dead friends were better to me than most of my living friends. And all of your pain is over, but a lifetime of pain is set for me.

To Andrew and all of the other friends that passed away before me. Losing y’all is still hard on me and it adversely affected my life. It affected how I relate to people, and I decided to no longer rely on other people. (And as my list of people that hates me grow, I gotta keep my independent streak going. Haters are apart of the territory. God, my dad and a whole list of people don’t like me, and guess what, I can’t think about it. All the best to them. I know my Christian family wouldn’t be a fan of me saying such things, but I got proof.) I hope in my speeches across the planet I honor your beautiful lives for the reminder of mine. Even if I don’t say your name to others around me, I’ll find small ways to honor you. Just speaking to a room of 10 people is ok, like me speaking to 1000s is ok.

Another goodbye. Holy Cross, my adopted grade school, is closing it’s doors. RIP Holy Cross.

During the potential last ever reunion, I saw the sense of family and belonging. You gotta understand I just adopted the school. I decided to no longer associate with things that no longer serves me, a few years back. This included becoming a Hoosier fan and calling Indiana University my own, but also adopting Holy Cross as my grade school.

I hate to see you close. But the silver lining is I’m going to still call you my school, Holy Cross.

As much as I would love to make it in the top 10, I also don’t mind bowing out. I’m starting to make a run with these speeches. I’m not looking for fame out of this, just to raise awareness.

So here’s to being a great supporter to my girls that make it further in the competition than I do.

I’ve been scheduling out my content for years into the future, and more!

Cheers, salute to my tribe, and thanks for the awesome May 2023!

It’s 2023!🔥🙌

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