Topics To Avoid Around The Holidays

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These conversations might be one reason why people dread the holidays so much.

The holidays can be a cheerful time, but also a time where you may be forced to be around people you don’t want to be around. And facing questions and conversations you don’t want to have can add more anxiety and pain to the mix.

When I was little, the tradition was to go to my granny’s house.

As everyone got older, everyone went their separate ways. We live all around the world, some of my aunts are grandmothers now, some hate each other (long story holy s****).

Everyone is starting new families and new traditions.

As I’ve gotten older, and the weird questions about your personal life are as frequent as the day is long.

As much as I miss being around my big family around the holidays, with fewer people you get less questions.

Speaking of that, here’s topics that you should avoid around the holidays.

#1 Religion

Oh you will not just win on this topic. Avoid. Avoid.

#2 Past

If you are trying to spend time with your relatives and you got an ax to grind with one or few of them, around the turkey is not the best time. Save the drama for another day!

#3 Personal Life

This is a big one, because everyone thinks you are supposed to be coupled off, regardless if you want it or not.

Asking someone if they are pregnant or having kids can get VERY awkward. Even if you see a stomach sticking out don’t ask! IT’S RUDE!

It could be because they have a full belly!

Best responses I’ve seen:

  • None of your business
  • I haven’t found someone who’s worth me yet
  • Do you have a girlfriend/boyfriend?
  • Why?
  • That’s personal.

#4 Politics

Along with religion, you will not just win on this topic. Avoid. Avoid.

#5 Gossiping About Others

Keep it positive and especially avoid putting down others around the holidays. ESPECIALLY if you don’t see these people too often. The last thing you want is to be associated with negativity!

Keep in mind that everyone might not be in the same point in their lives, and avoiding these topics around the holidays especially can do everyone some good!

Personally I tend to avoid religion and politics generally. And if it does come up I tell people their views are safe with me. I’m not here to judge or force my views on you, I’m here to listen. I don’t start those conversations, sometimes they just happen and I’m like f***. I have a tendency to stick with food, vacations, what kind of liquor I like and so forth.

Here’s a safe and healthy alternative list to discuss if you really want to talk about something.

#1 New Traditions

When we stopped going to my granny’s house in 2002, we started traveling different places. Because I’m a road runner I really like this.

You can start new traditions with your family, no problem!

#2 Thankful

Being grateful for what you already have is always good to talk about, not just around the holidays!

#3 Sports

For several years, I ran the Drumstick Dash Thanksgiving morning in Broad Ripple. The one in the cemetery is where I draw the line.

You can do a run or participate in a sport as a new tradition.


If you like watching sports, you can watch football, soccer or hockey.

I’ve become a fan of polo.

#4 Connections

If you find that you don’t have a family to go to for the holidays, you can build connections with others.

#5 Friendsgiving/Christmas

You can connect with friends over the holidays.

#6 Volunteering

Sometimes, you can build new connections with others when you volunteer! Make new friends this way.

#7. Movies

You can go to the movies over the holidays.

#8. Game Night

If you’re not into sports (or if it’s half time) bust out those board games.

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